Filippo Angelucci, Antonio Basti

Mediterranean Urban Campus for Regeneration at the Dubai 2020 Expo

Urban Open Spaces toward the New Challenges of Adaptivity

Adaptivity of the urban open spaces to face the climatic, socio-ecological, multicultural and health challenges, raises questions with multiple design implications, which cannot be solved only with the functional, formal, and technical rethinking of the space. Today, the metropolis of Dubai is characterized by an extreme climatic-environmental conditions and, at the same time, by an almost infinite capacity to regulate the living spaces through the most innovative technologies. The theme of adaptive design of open urban spaces has been contextualized in some case-study areas of Dubai. The results outlined a complex framework of different development trajectories, both for the designing innovation of the urban open spaces, and for the launch of new teaching methods of architectural, technological, and urban project.

cod. 10086.1.1