Lucia Piscitello, Grazia D. Santangelo

Multinationals and Local Competitiveness

The book offers an overview of the economic research dealing with the process of firms’ internationalisation and the impact of multinationals’ activity on local competitiveness, by presenting a set of theoretical and empirical contributions characterised by high methodological rigour and scientific excellence. This volume is the fifth of an ongoing series that aims at handing down to the readers the wealth of theoretical and empirical contributions stemming from DIG Lunch Seminars.

cod. 380.351

In recent years, firms in an increasing number of industries are experimenting new “Open” ways of managing Intellectual Property Rights in viable business opportunities, that aim at fostering, rather than limiting, the access to information. Promoting collective ownership and information sharing in on-line communities has proved to foster creativity, dynamic capabilities and global competitiveness of companies.

cod. 380.346