Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle

Il piano che c'è.

Disegno e regole alla prova dell'evoluzione delle regioni urbane

Il volume si interroga su come il lungo processo di riforma della legislazione urbanistica italiana, a partire dal dibattito tra fautori di impostazioni strutturali e sostenitori di visioni strategiche, abbia definito strumenti di piano effettivi, e su come questi strumenti, al di là del giudizio sulla loro struttura, sulla forma dei processi che intavolano e sulla positività dei risultati che offrono, siano in grado di affrontare temi rilevanti, di grande scala e impatto.

cod. 1862.152

The Florentine plan: urban growth and reorganisation around collective transport nodes - This research study sought to understand the real dynamics of urban growth, the forecasts existing in local urban plans and supra-local plans, the development projects and hypotheses of growth in infrastructure networks in a limited but central area of the general plan in the western province of Florence and the province of Prato. While there has been a substantial increase in planned infrastructures, for which the programmes have been verified by research studies, there has been no equally important co-ordination of forecasts of growth, expansion or urban transformation. On the basis of these assumptions, the research conducted asked whether it was possible to design a type of development with respect to the forecasts of current plans, which attempts to reorganise the Florentine metropolitan area by means of collective transport networks. This would be done by identifying a sustainable growth strategy, by examining which urban planning model would best meet that objective and at the same time by addressing issues such as containing land use and reducing the demand for private transport by increasing densities around the nodes.