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Le vicende dei discount in Italia
Autori/Curatori: Mattia Iotti 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2001 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Italiano 
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The article explains the discount diffusion in Italy during the nineties, that was encoruaged by the loss of family income and the fall of Gross National Product. Moreover, in those years, it’s possible to find the sign of diffuculties of the local traditional product in staying in the market, face off with the northern Europe products. In fact, the German and France distribution channels came in Italy, exporting the discount formula, and fighting the tradional italian way of food distribution. After several years of strong market conflict, it’s now possibile to see a different market scenario. The discount has been going down since the middle of the decade, and others distribution channels are starting tto stay on the market. This little market revolution was caused by the important consumer attention to food quality, that starts the latest years and that was related with the growing income and the quality consumption needs. At the end, it’s interesting to note that some demand ratio still remains interested in food low price offer, that is guarenteed by discount. After all, it’s reasonable think that only a little part of the market will remain interestd in cheap food discount offer.

Mattia Iotti, in "ECONOMIA AGRO-ALIMENTARE" 1/2001, pp. , DOI:


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