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La flessibilità in entrata alla luce del "Libro Bianco" sul mercato del lavoro
Titolo Rivista: STUDI ECONOMICI  
Autori/Curatori: Giuseppe Ferraro 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2002 Fascicolo: 77  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  25 Dimensione file:  212 KB

The author reconstructs in a methodical approach all different contractual models of workers employment, subordinate and self-employed, in the scope of the broader issue of work flexibility, as well as of the government proposals in the White Book on labour market. The considerable diffusion of the flexibility "at entrance" observed in the recent years, by one side makes the introduction of new more elastic forms of employment poorly justifiable, while on the other side suggests an overall analysis of all the expressions of the flexibility in work relationships, both those operating inside labour contracts and those projected on the labour market and on the social security system. Particularly, a marked flexibility "at entrance" seems to be not compatible with other forms of flexibility "at exit", unless it is considered in the framework of a radical reform of the social security system, which is difficult to realize, at the moment. The really possible objective consists in defining a better balance between cyclical needs of the production system and the needs of stability of work relationships, as a key factor for a qualitative and dynamic development.

Giuseppe Ferraro, in "STUDI ECONOMICI " 77/2002, pp. , DOI:


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