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L'accesso alla città in Africa
Autori/Curatori: Fabrizio Floris 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2004 Fascicolo: 73  Lingua: Italiano 
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The essay analyses the town access in Africa by the informal settlements dwellers. The aim of this kind of analysis is to compare life conditions in the slums with the ones in the rural villages. The hypothesis is that slums represent an opportunity of town access, goods consume and services, also, are given the possibility to approach resources. Nevertheless the presence of negative elements as violence and corruption requires laws distinguishing between public and private goods. Slums’ nature shows a real wide variety of opposite aspects: on one hand people have the opportunity to approach goods and resources but on the other hand this kind of concentration means loads of problems crossing each others, different hardships mixing in a contest of deprivation and never-ending poverty, where is extremely difficult find out appropriate solutions. Dwellers conditions are huge differentiated: for some people slums are an opportunity to approach the market as sellers and buyers; for others is a parking area to survive. What comes on surface is that urban concentration is a logical and rational process because satisfies people’s needs.

Fabrizio Floris, in "SOCIOLOGIA URBANA E RURALE" 73/2004, pp. , DOI:


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