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Per una ridefinizione dell'antisemitismo. Aspetti del dibattito francese
Autori/Curatori: Monica Miniati 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2005 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Italiano 
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This article presents a first, partial overview of the theme of neo-anti-Semitism, which has already been a subject for debate in France for several years. From autumn 2000, i.e. the beginning of the second Intifada, French Jews have been the target of numerous violent attacks carried out essentially by members of the Arab-Muslim community. These have led a group of intellectuals most of whom are of Jewish origin, to a deep reflection, with the intention of detailing the new forms and new methods of a phenomenon which is solidly rooted in Western historical tradition and of reconstructing and analyzing the context which has allowed this post-anti-Semite Judéophobie to find such a favorable breeding ground in France.

Monica Miniati, in "MONDO CONTEMPORANEO" 3/2005, pp. , DOI:


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