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La democrazia liberale e i suoi nemici
Autori/Curatori: Giovanni Sabbatucci 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2005 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Italiano 
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In the years between the two World Wars democracy was nearly wiped out of Europe. Such a large crisis of the political systems we are used to define liberal democracies is due not only to their traditional enemies, but also to their inner weakness because they are a compromise between different demands and traditions. In the aftermath of the Great War those systems were ever and ever badly criticized by a large number of intellectuals, because of the international scene, the going of economy and the institutional techniques. Only the outcome of Second World War and the USA hegemony allowed the return of liberal democracy in Western, and further on in Eastern Europe, after the break down of the Communist regimes.

Giovanni Sabbatucci, in "MONDO CONTEMPORANEO" 3/2005, pp. , DOI:


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