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Il commercio elettronico: il consumo immateriale
Autori/Curatori: Roberto Brognara 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2005 Fascicolo: 99  Lingua: Italiano 
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Consumption has always been made of material things. On an archetypal level, it is possession; and possession presupposes something tangible. It was like this until a few years ago, before that new forms and structural components of consumption started moving away from their original physical dimension and losing portions of materiality. With Internet, the entire consumption process has become virtual. Both society and economy, which are becoming virtual as well, find in the Web not only a natural sphere of development, but also an opportunity to test innovative models. Models that rely on the absence or reduction of the most important traits of consumer materiality.

Roberto Brognara, in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL LAVORO " 99/2005, pp. , DOI:


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