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Droit, science et réalité: la loi hellénique sur l'assistance médicale à la procréation humaine
Autori/Curatori: Athanasios C. Papachristos 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2007 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  14 P. 41-54 Dimensione file:  113 KB

Law, Science and Reality: the Greek Law on Medical Assistance for Human Procreation ABSTRACT: Medically assisted reproduction is the point where science, ethics, politics and, finally, law intersect. In most countries, law tends towards prohibiting or very severely restricting the methods of medically assisted reproduction. Greek law diverges from this trend and permits almost every method of medically assisted reproduction, under certain conditions, following the idea that, between legal abstention and legal prohibition, there is legal regulation. This article attempts to outline the legal frame of medically assisted reproduction in Greece. At the same time, it points out the social and political conditions that shaped it and assesses its application to date.

Athanasios C. Papachristos, in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL DIRITTO " 2/2007, pp. 41-54, DOI:


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