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Workplace bullying in Turkey: prevalence among private sector employees
Titolo Rivista: RISORSA UOMO  
Autori/Curatori: Selver Yildiz, Selim Tuzunturk, Gabriele Giorgi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2008 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  14 P. 157-170 Dimensione file:  75 KB

The aim of the present study is to measure the prevalence of bullying in Turkey. On the hand by using the Negative Acts Questionnaire Revised (NAQ-R) and on the other hand by giving a precise definition of the concept of bullying and asking for the victimization admission. The sample comprises 363 Turkish employees who work in the private sector. Results indicate an average rate of bullying according to the operational method. However when employing the subjective method bullying rate is up to many times higher than the prevalence rates reported overseas. Finally, new suggestions for future researches are made. Keywords: workplace bullying, prevalence, private sector, negative acts.

Selver Yildiz, Selim Tuzunturk, Gabriele Giorgi, in "RISORSA UOMO " 2/2008, pp. 157-170, DOI:


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