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Modificazioni del sonno e processi di memoria nell'anziano
Autori/Curatori: Carlo Cipolli, Claudio Campi, Giovanni Tuozzi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2008 Fascicolo: 1-2  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  21 P. 133-153 Dimensione file:  421 KB

Modificazioni del sonno e processi di memoria nell'anziano Aging is accompanied by changes in the sleep quality, quantity, and architecture. The main changes are a measurable decrease in the ability to initiate and maintain sleep accompanied by a decrease in the proportion of the deeper, more restorative slow-wave sleep and REM sleep in the healthy elderly. Impaired ability to initiate and maintain adequate sleep may be a marker of increased neurocognitive dysfunction. Given the well-established relationship between the characteristics of sleep and the off-line consolidation of new information in memory, there is increasing interest to ascertain how age-related changes in sleep architecture modify this process with respect to the type of information (declarative and procedural). Recent experimental and clinical investigations on this issue converge to indicate that the consolidation function of sleep decreases progressively in physiological aging (and early for procedural compared with declarative knowledge) and abruptly in pathological aging, which is often accompanied by sleep disorders.

Carlo Cipolli, Claudio Campi, Giovanni Tuozzi, in "RICERCHE DI PSICOLOGIA " 1-2/2008, pp. 133-153, DOI:


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