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I moti di Torino dell'agosto 1917 nelle memorie di un socialista
Autori/Curatori: Iacopini Luigi Scoppola 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2009 Fascicolo: Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  20 P. 79-98 Dimensione file:  283 KB
DOI:  10.3280/MON2009-001003
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The Revolt of Turin in the August of 1917 According to a Socialist’s Memoirs - This article presents an unpublished paper taken from the memoirs of Gino Mangini; the author was an italian socialist, who stood by the democratic vision of socialism for his whole life. At that time, he was a member of the radical left wing of the Psi, as well as a witness and an actor of the dramatic riots between the civilian population and the police forces joined by soldiers coming directly from the military front. This paper is relevant for two reasons: it is one of the few documents which allow us to partially review the accepted vision (embraced by many among whom Paolo Spriano in 1972 was the last one) of those days as a political effort towards the revolution. Secondly, the document is the only written evidence by a socialist who never accepted the ideas of the October’s Revolution and of the Third International. Key words: Italian socialism, World War I, 1917, popular demonstration in Turin, home front

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Iacopini Luigi Scoppola, in "MONDO CONTEMPORANEO" 1/2009, pp. 79-98, DOI:10.3280/MON2009-001003


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