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Il ritorno dei militari italiani internati in Germania (1945-1946)
Autori/Curatori: Sabrina Frontera 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2009 Fascicolo: Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  43 P. 5-47 Dimensione file:  420 KB
DOI:  10.3280/MON2009-003001
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Notes on the Return of Italian Military Internees in Germany (1945-1946) - Sabrina Frontera The main theme of the article is the return or rather the experience of return, felt by Italian soldiers interned in Germany (Imi), as individuals or as members of the nascent patriotic associations. At the same time it is analyzed how the institutions, officials and assistance operators, political and military authorities, and the different and major parties were able to understand the needs of the former internees, considering or not the complexity of their history, responding effectively or remaining deaf to their demands. Several documents are used: parliamentary acts, ministerial correspondence, reports of censorship but also letters, diaries, testimonies written on the eve of the return or many years later, independent newspapers, party newspapers, periodicals of veterans’ associations or of political influence.

Keywords: Imi (Italian Military Internees), second postwar, prisoners of war repatriation, veterans, second world war memory, Oflag/Stalag.

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Sabrina Frontera, in "MONDO CONTEMPORANEO" 3/2009, pp. 5-47, DOI:10.3280/MON2009-003001


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