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Sussidiarietà, servizi e piani nella nuova dimensione lombarda
Titolo Rivista: TERRITORIO 
Autori/Curatori:  Per Luigi Paolillo 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2009 Fascicolo: 51 Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  13 P. 67-79 Dimensione file:  540 KB
DOI:  10.3280/TR2009-051014
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Subsidiarity, services and plans in the new Lombard dimension - Interest in the ethical construction of urban planning rules has diminished greatly but, even when attempts at it were made in the past, the direct state intervention approach hardly produced an increase in general solidarity, but almost always in the mere multiplication of state spending on welfare or the sterile political conflict of ideas between more state or more market. Today, with the different makeup of the latest generation plans, subsidiarity is the way to increase opportunities for new protagonists: people who were once ‘back from the front’ are now asked to take direct responsibility in person for urban needs, supporting and often replacing public sector action which because of its growing inertia and problems, is no longer very capable of working in the future. This is the challenge faced by services plans which could be fully met in Lombardy even if to-date this has not yet happened.
Keywords: Ethical urban planning; new services requirements; subsidiarity.

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Per Luigi Paolillo, in "TERRITORIO" 51/2009, pp. 67-79, DOI:10.3280/TR2009-051014


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