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Tra azione ed emozione. Per una comprensione fenomenologica dei luoghi d'abitare
Autori/Curatori: Alberto Bortolotti 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2010 Fascicolo: 91  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  13 P. 63-75 Dimensione file:  508 KB
DOI:  10.3280/SUR2010-091005
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The daily world is made up of bodies which interact each other. In this world architecture frames all the innumerable relationships, she is a particular kind of relationship herself, between men and nature, as between earth and sky. Exactly as architecture meets some human requests, she gives birth to feelings at the same time. This way men build many landscapes which can be read in such different ways. Landscape was called "a great palimpsest" by Giulio Carlo Argan, and also "a huge deposit of human labours" by Carlo Cattaneo. Anyway it is the product of our minds, too. So what kind of instruments do we need to make out the landscape meanings? The progress of science, although it’s based on conventional arguments, tells us that it’s possible to give objective answers to every problem about reality. However we should realize that a quantitative approach of knowledge could be put aside sometimes, to understand the all qualitative sides of our existence.
Keywords: Living, phenomenons, place, project, architecture, landscape

Alberto Bortolotti, in "SOCIOLOGIA URBANA E RURALE" 91/2010, pp. 63-75, DOI:10.3280/SUR2010-091005


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