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The dragon and the elephant on the way to Italy
Author/s:  Valeria Gattai 
Year:  2013 Issue: Language: English 
Pages:  25 Pg. 63-87 FullText PDF:  325 KB
DOI:  10.3280/POLI2013-004003
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This paper provides original evidence about Chinese and Indian outward direct investment (ODI) in Italy. Firm-level data have been collected through survey interviews involving the whole population of Dragon and Elephant multinationals. With a response rate of 80%, we draw a detailed profile of the parent companies and investigate their main drivers, entry modes, and satisfaction with the local operations.
Keywords: Outward direct investment, India, China, Italy
Jel Code: F23, O53

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Valeria Gattai, in "ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE " 4/2013, pp. 63-87, DOI:10.3280/POLI2013-004003


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