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Open data & open welfare: il progetto del comune di Bologna
Titolo Rivista: PRISMA Economia - Società - Lavoro 
Autori/Curatori: Simone Bordoni, Pina Civitella 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2015 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  5 P. 150-154 Dimensione file:  50 KB
DOI:  10.3280/PRI2015-001011
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The project aims to built an operative web site through the release of open data about social and health services provided by the Municipality of Bologna. Sharing the data concerning the performances of these services can guarantee, first of all, an easier access to informations by citizens, business, researchers, policy makers, data journalists, etc., so to reduce the existing knowledge gap between public administration and people. The target of the Open Welfare project is to create a dedicated lab for the enhancement of a new model of active citizenship in which new forms of collaboration among all the actors of the territory (users, companies, voluntary and third sector associations) can be enabled on the ground of symmetrical relations. This lab aims to improve the quality and the degree of the transparency that should normatively characterize the public administration according to the law (open by-default), because it is based on the principle of sharing the utility that may arise from the exchanges between the public administration and the stakeholders of the local community; as a matter of fact, it could represent a “new urban frontier” in order to foster a wider participation in the civic, social and political life of the Municipality.

Simone Bordoni, Pina Civitella, in "PRISMA Economia - Società - Lavoro" 1/2015, pp. 150-154, DOI:10.3280/PRI2015-001011


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