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Tu, Io, e Noi. La condivisione delle esperienze emozionali
Autori/Curatori: Dan Zahavi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2016 Fascicolo: 57  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  18 P. 85-102 Dimensione file:  110 KB
DOI:  10.3280/LAS2016-057018
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When surveying recent philosophical work on the nature and status of collective intentionality and we-intentions, it is striking how much effort is spent on analysing the structure of joint action and on establishing whether or not the intention to, say, go for a walk or paint a house together is reducible to some form of I-intentionality. Much less work has been devoted to an analysis of shared affects and emotions. In the present contribution, my primary aim will be to offer an answer to the following question: does the we-experience, the experience of being part of a we, presuppose, precede, preserve, or abolish the difference between self- and other-experience? In pursuing this task, I will take a closer look at emotional sharing and draw on resources that are too frequently ignored in current social ontology, namely insights found in classical phenomenology and in contemporary research on social cognition.

Dan Zahavi, in "SOCIETÀ DEGLI INDIVIDUI (LA)" 57/2016, pp. 85-102, DOI:10.3280/LAS2016-057018


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