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Implementing the Paris Agreement in an uncertain world: Can the election of Donald Trump reshuffle the climate diplomacy?
Autori/Curatori: Teresa Ribera, Thomas Spencer, Davide Levai 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2016 Fascicolo: 3  Lingua: Inglese 
Numero pagine:  7 P. 71-77 Dimensione file:  134 KB
DOI:  10.3280/EFE2016-003006
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While the trends represented by the US withdrawal decision raises concerns for the climate agenda, three strategies could maintain the momentum on climate change after Paris. Firstly, in order to respond to the contagion effect at a critical time, new coalitions and forums, whether formal or informal, will need to emerge. Secondly, new narratives will be required to anchor climate change in the national interests of major players, ranging from concerns related with American prosperity and innovation, industrial leadership and job competition with China, local air, ground and water pollution, - Thirdly, it is crucial to carefully implement the stocktaking exercise in 2018. If countries manage to overachieve their targets, it will demonstrate the resilience of the climate regime, and give leaders the political space to be more ambitious in the next round of contributions.

Keywords: Climate change, international climate negotiations, Paris Agreement.
Jel Code: F55, Q54

Teresa Ribera, Thomas Spencer, Davide Levai, in "ECONOMICS AND POLICY OF ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT" 3/2016, pp. 71-77, DOI:10.3280/EFE2016-003006


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