Inclusive didactics and assistive technologies: the experience of a group of special needs teachers
Autori/Curatori: Enza Sidoti, Silvia Palma, Lorenzo Marrali 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2018 Fascicolo: 1 ESS - Technologies and inclusion Lingua: Italiano 
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DOI:  10.3280/ess1-2018oa6009
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This paper describes the results of an exploratory survey aimed to examine the experience of a group of special needs teachers on the use of ICT in teaching to students with autism spectrum disorder. It is focused on the effectiveness of video modeling as a tool through which to learn (self-learning and imitation) specific skills in the field of personal autonomy. By sharing the thought of Rossi (2012), which has stated that "digital technologies provide to school an extraordinary opportunity to put on the agenda the issue of learning and, together with it, the professionalism of teachers", the authors handed out a questionnaire to a group of special needs teachers of a Comprehensive School in Palermo with the purpose to investigate the perceived effectiveness experienced in the use of ICT for the achievement of different learning objectives and on critical issues. This work offers a detailed analysis of the investigated areas and the results from the survey, proposing a critical reflection on the emerged issues.

Keywords: inclusion, assistive technologies, video modeling, ICT, special needs teachers, education.

Enza Sidoti, Silvia Palma, Lorenzo Marrali, in "EDUCATION SCIENCES AND SOCIETY" 1/2018, pp. , DOI:10.3280/ess1-2018oa6009


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