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Manure as a potential source of renewable energy: The behaviour and characterisation of biofuels generated from three animal manure types when subjected to pyrolysis
Autori/Curatori: George Attard, Agnello Alessandro, Antonio Comparetti, Oliver Fenech, Carlo Greco, Denise Grima Connell 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2019 Fascicolo: 2 Suppl.  Lingua: Inglese 
Numero pagine:  14 P. 331-344 Dimensione file:  130 KB
DOI:  10.3280/RISS2019-002-S1021
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Regions with high livestock density lack sufficient land on which to apply manure without exceeding the legal limits set by the European Union Directives. The lack of manure processing alternatives aggravates the situation, especially in the case of islands. Consequently, manure becomes a liability rather than an asset. Results indicate that pyrolysis is an option for manure processing. However, a significant limitation is the moisture content of the starting material, that could compromise the process efficiency. Yields of biogas, bio-oil and biochar, all of which have a potential use as biofuels, are particular to animal type and manure handling system. The conversion of manure to biofuels contributes to the development of a bio-based economy.

Keywords: Manure, renewable energy sources (res), islands, pyrolysis, biofuels, bioeconomy.

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George Attard, Agnello Alessandro, Antonio Comparetti, Oliver Fenech, Carlo Greco, Denise Grima Connell, in "RIVISTA DI STUDI SULLA SOSTENIBILITA'" 2 Suppl./2019, pp. 331-344, DOI:10.3280/RISS2019-002-S1021


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