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Autori/Curatori: Alessandro Bosi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2019 Fascicolo: 66  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  9 P. 62-70 Dimensione file:  56 KB
DOI:  10.3280/LAS2019-066008
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Our century has many good reasons to focus on the city. Of course we could say that the city is a theme every day in the activity of those who administer it, of those who take care of it with their work or with the dedication that they reserve in voluntary organizations. The city is certainly not a mechanism that can be disassembled, adjusted and reassembled; it is instead a vital process and as such it cannot be interrupted to try to understand what its meaning is in the history of us humans and in that of the world in which we live. It is therefore not easy to think of the city, imposing the time of a reflection that does not fit in with its overwhelming way of existing. However, it will have to be agreed that, at a time of transition like ours, it is necessary to at least understand if the city is congruous with the time we are living.
Keywords: City, industrial society, postmodernity.

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Alessandro Bosi, in "SOCIETÀ DEGLI INDIVIDUI (LA)" 66/2019, pp. 62-70, DOI:10.3280/LAS2019-066008


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