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Is IFRS 9 better than IAS 39 for investors’ decisions? Evidence from the European context at the beginning of the transition year
Autori/Curatori: Alessandro Mechelli, Vincenzo Sforza, Riccardo Cimini 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2020 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Inglese 
Numero pagine:  24 P. 125-148 Dimensione file:  159 KB
DOI:  10.3280/FR2020-001004
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The first-time adoption of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9 at the beginning of fiscal year 2018 has offered the opportunity to test whether the information provided by this new accounting standard on financial instruments is more useful for investors than International Accounting Standard (IAS) 39. This paper assesses and compares the value relevance of book value calculated ac-cording to the requirements of the two accounting standards on financial instru-ments at the beginning of the transition year for a sample of 110 financial entities listed in 20 stock markets that have recorded transition effects between retained earnings. Findings provide evidence that both IAS 39 and IFRS 9 are value rele-vant and that the second one adds more information than that previously supplied by the first one. The paper contributes to the literature by providing the first evi-dence of the usefulness of the new accounting standard on financial instruments. About its practical implications, the paper provides insights regarding the high quality of the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB)’s standard setting process.

Keywords: IFRS 9, IAS 39, value relevance, European Union, financial entities.
Jel Code: M40

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Alessandro Mechelli, Vincenzo Sforza, Riccardo Cimini, in "FINANCIAL REPORTING" 1/2020, pp. 125-148, DOI:10.3280/FR2020-001004


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