L’efficacia del trattamento comunitario delle dipendenze. Analisi di follow-up nella comunità "Casa di Giano" di Trento
Titolo Rivista: MISSION 
Autori/Curatori: Antonio Simula, Laura Lunesu 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2020 Fascicolo: 54  Lingua: Italiano 
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DOI:  10.3280/mis54-2020oa10860
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Introduction. The issue of assessing effectiveness is attracting more and more interest in those who work in the addiction field. From an economic point of view, there is now a need to keep public expenditure as low as possible. All states need to find the best possible treatment in terms of maximum effectiveness at a minimum cost, which means spending the money allocated in the best possible way. In order to make this possible, it seems necessary to think of an effective type of intervention defined as such when it reaches the objective for which it was implemented.Materials and method. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic programs activated at the therapeutic community "Casa di Giano" of a sample of 48 subjects who have carried out a therapeutic path in the period between 2014 and 2018. To carry out the follow-up, a structured questionnaire has been developed, consisting of 44 questions, administered by telephone interview.Results. The majority of the subjects who have carried out a therapeutic path in "Casa di Giano" are mostly males and in almost three-quarters of cases, the sending to "Casa di Giano" by the local services was requested for a problem related to an alcohol addiction. Those who enter the community have a low level of education, are unemployed and have no stable relationship. Age differences are observed in genders with a male population tending to be younger than the female population.Conclusions. The results of the study made it possible to clearly outline the characteristics of the respondents and to investigate their condition of well-being in the period following the conclusion of the therapeutic program at "Casa di Giano" highlighting that the maintenance of abstinence in the post-community period is associated with the completion of residential treatment, the duration of treatment and participation in another therapeutic program of recovery from addiction (e.g. Ser.D., A.A., C.A.T. etc.).

Keywords: Dipendenze, Follow-up, Qualità della vita, Efficacia, Recovery

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Antonio Simula, Laura Lunesu, in "MISSION" 54/2020, pp. , DOI:10.3280/mis54-2020oa10860


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