Fifth-generation (5G) communication networks and sustainability: A research agenda
Autori/Curatori: Maria Palazzo, Alfonso Siano 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2021 Fascicolo: 1  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  19 P. 55-73 Dimensione file:  0 KB
DOI:  10.3280/cgrds1-2021oa10459
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Communication networks hugely improved many fields during the past decades (i.e. education, healthcare, engineering sector, management, etc.). However, the new fifth-generation (5G) communication networks is expected to be able to bring new developments in this sector even faster than the past technologies. This will happen, not only, as the technology will be presented in the field as a new way of approaching data and services, but also, as there is more pressure exerted on 5G, due to the rising need of data that companies and individuals feel in everyday life. The paper suggests that emerging trends in this filed will also be able to create improvements for society, economy, management and environment. Better use of energy, information sharing and resource efficiency, in fact, are some of the main goals that the 5G and the sustainability approach are aiming to achieve. This shows that 5G and sustainability have several features in common that are yet not fully explored nor in theory nor in practice. Thus, proposing a research agenda, the paper aims at analysing this common characteristics, but also to highlight that the 5G can be considered a strategic tool that enables companies to be involved in boosting sustainable development.

Keywords: sustainability, 5G, digital technology, innovation, sustainable development, economic growth.

Maria Palazzo, Alfonso Siano, in "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES" 1/2021, pp. 55-73, DOI:10.3280/cgrds1-2021oa10459


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