Teen dating violence and post-migration factors: The psychosocial literature.

Author/s Cristina Giuliani
Publishing Year 2017 Issue 2017/3 Language Italian
Pages 18 P. 31-48 File size 239 KB
DOI 10.3280/MAL2017-003003
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In the last two decades a growing number of US empirical studies focused on dating violence experiences among immigrant and ethnic adolescents living in north-America (Latinos, Asian and African adolescents). Extent school-based national or State-wide surveys allowed to assess prevalence and incidence rates of teen dating violence among adolescents living in the United States, confirming increased vulnerability of ethnic minority groups regarding teen dating violence victimization and perpetration experiences. Cross-sectional and longitudinal research projects highlighted factors and predictors of teen dating violence, with specific attention to acculturation and post-migration family processes (acculturation gap, discrimination, gender norms and attitude about violence, parenting, family conflict). Understanding of these cultural and dynamic processes have important implications for prevention and intervention efforts for adolescents and their families.

Keywords: Teen dating violence, adolescence, immigration, ethnic minorities.

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Cristina Giuliani, Teen dating violence e fattori post-migratori: una disamina della letteratura psicosociale in "MALTRATTAMENTO E ABUSO ALL’INFANZIA" 3/2017, pp 31-48, DOI: 10.3280/MAL2017-003003