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Comportamento dei consumatori nell'acquisto di prodotti ittici. Innovazioni biotech e percorsi di scelta
Autori/Curatori: Giuseppe De Blasi, Claudio Acciani, Annalisa De Boni, Rocco Roma 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2006 Fascicolo: Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  23 P. 7-29 Dimensione file:  428 KB

Consumer behaviours in fish purchases. Biotech innovations and choosing models Consumer behaviour in purchasing of aquaculture and fishery products were studied, evaluating consumer awareness about quality and traceability of products, food safety and security, breeding system and animal welfare. The former aim was to estimate consumers competences about biotechnology and ogm in fishery products, testing a selected apulian sample, extracted according to social and economical aspects, answering to an appropriate questionnaire, preliminary defined by focus groups with fishery and aquaculture sector operators. Different knowledge levels, together with socio-economic characteristics (age, income, level of education, etc.) affected consumers choices and influenced their willingness to pay (WTP) for ogm free products. Multiparametrical analysis, such as linear regression, was applied in order to detect the effects of the different independent variables on wtp. A higher wtp resulted from family income level and from a practice of biological products purchases. On the contrary the number of family members and the attitude of outdoors meals consumptions, were negatively related to wtp. The same samples has been submited to decision analysis by algorithm M5’ to obtain a model tree that allowed us to stratify it, picking out different consumer’s kinds. Finally the model definition, obtained using Means-end- chain theory, better defined the consumer quality perception of fishery products and enabled to describe how consumers put in hierarchical order product’s attributes and values.

Giuseppe De Blasi, Claudio Acciani, Annalisa De Boni, Rocco Roma, in "ECONOMIA AGRO-ALIMENTARE" 2/2006, pp. 7-29, DOI:


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