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Issue 4/2016 
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Chiara Mauri, Place branding: a cross-road between academics of many disciplines and practitioners. Call for "a" articles written by marketing academicians!
Maria Vernuccio, Tiziano Vescovi, Branding in the digital era
Agostino Vollero, Daniele Dalli, Alfonso Siano, Brand negotiation and brand management. An actor-network theory perspective
Matteo Corciolani, Giacomo Gistri, Stefano Pace, Exploring the palm oil crisis through the lens of different social media: an analysis of facebook, youtube and twitter contents
Riccardo Rialti, Lamberto Zollo, Alessandro Caliandro, Cristiano Ciappei, Social media strategies to protect brand image and corporate reputation in the digital era: a digital investigation of the Eni vs. Report case
Alessandra Mazzei, Alfonsa Butera, Brand consistent behavior of employees on social media: the role of social media governance and policies
Chiara Cantù, Alessandra Tzannis, The service innovation in healthcare network
Bernardo Bertoldi, Chiara Giachino, Alberto Pastore, Strategic pricing management in the omnichannel era
Francesca Ceruti, Alice Mazzucchelli, Angelo Di Gregorio, E-commerce or s-commerce? A managerial perspective on website design features
Gennaro Iasevoli, Book reviews

Issue 3/2016 
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Vittoria Marino, Marketing and culture. Two Characters in Search of an Author
Giuseppe Bertoli, Michela Matarazzo, Driving international business research forward: emerging themes and insights
Stefano Bresciani, Alberto Ferraris, Manlio Del Giudice, R&D internationalization in asian developing countries: evidence from european multinationals
Francesca Checchinato, Giulia Zanichelli, An analysis of factors influencing the online presence in distant countries: the case of italian fashion brands in china
Rubina Romanello, Maria Chiarvesio, The creation of foreign market knowledge across the growth phases of born globals
Laura I.M. Colm, Antonella Carù, Two faces of the same coin: how the interplay between organizational and territorial culture builds the concept of service culture
Andrea Moretta Tartaglione, Roberto Bruni, International networks as complex adaptive systems
Laura Gavinelli, Cinzia Colapinto, Mariangela Zenga, Paola Chiodini, Strategic choices in recessionary period: an exploration on italian smes
Michela Matarazzo, Gabriele Barbaresco, Resciniti Riccardo, Effects of cultural distance on foreign acquisitions: evidence from italian acquired firms
Gennaro Iasevoli, Book reviews

Issue 2/2016 
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Chiara Orsingher, Synthesizing research in marketing through meta-analysis
Piergiorgio Re, Bernardo Bertoldi, Fabrizio Mosca, Margherita Stupino, Chiara Giachino, Cultural assets. New opportunities for the region
Piergiorgio Re, Forum. Marketing and cities: The Turin experience
Anna Codini, Michelle Bonera, Giulia Miniero, Time horizon and green consumption
Patrizia de Luca, Giovanna Pegan, Business innovation and Internationalisation: Focus on the Italian Coffee Industry
Rossella Canestrino, Pierpaolo Magliocca, Antonio Guarino, Environmental sustainability and organic wine production: evidences from italian industry
Mariasole Bannò, Enrico Zaninotto, Commited to learn: come le pmi imparano ad esportare. una analisi di casi aziendali (Committed to learn: SMEs learn how to export. A qualitative analysis)
Gianluca Vagnani, Michele Simoni, Technological uncertainty, market orientation and firms’ economic performance
A cura della Redazione, Book reviews

Issue 1/2016 
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Luca Bonansea, Daniele Dalli, Editorial
Francesco Casarin, In memory of Prof. Maurizio Rispoli (4 jan. 1937-12 jan. 2016)
Nicoletta Buratti, Riccardo Lanzara, Michele Simoni, Technological innovation and marketing. a multi-perspective analysis
Luca Buccoliero, Elena Bellio, Maria Mazzola, Elisa Solinas, Technology innovation in healthcare and changing patient’s behaviors: new challenges for marketing
Adele Parmentola, Ilaria Tutore, New trends in the development of Chinese high-tech companies: an open innovation perspective
Francesca Negri, Vania Vigolo, Angelo Bonfanti, Managing responses to online reviews: an opportunity for value co-creation?
Francesca De Canio, Davide Pellegrini, Maria Elena Aramendia-Muneta, The smartphoners: consumer segmentation by smartphone usage
Natalia Kudryashova, Competition in the web search market: impact of user behaviour
Gennaro Iasevoli, Recensioni

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