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Issue 4/2017 
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Marco Galvagno, Bibliometric literature review: An opportunity for marketing scholars
Donata Tania Vergura, Beatrice Luceri, Predict excessive use of Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games: The role of social anxiety and identification with the character
Silvia Grappi, Simona Romani, Consumer attitude toward reshoring: Related effects and relevant boundary conditions
Barbara Del Bosco, Maria Cristina Morra, Valerio Veglio, Social media and firm performance: The voice of managers in European contexts
Federica Ceccotti, Alberto Mattiacci, Costanza Nosi, Trends in marketing studies. A longitudinal analysis of leading Italian academic journals (2005-2015)
Chiara Mauri, Angelo Di Gregorio, Alice Mazzucchelli, Isabella Maggioni, The employability of marketing graduates in the era of digitalisation and globalisation
Daniela Corsaro, Disclosing the dark side of value processes in business relationships
Andrea Buratti, Giancarlo Ferrero, Empirical evidence of Entrepreneurial Marketing Orientation from Italian firms
A cura della Redazione, Book Reviews

Issue 3/2017 
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Riccardo Resciniti, International Marketing or simply Marketing?
Stefano Bresciani, Manlio Del Giudice, Marco Romano, Open innovation and customer-based development of new products
Veronica Scuotto, Gabriele Santoro, Armando Papa, Elias G. Carayannis, Triggering open service innovation through social media networks
Tindara Abbate, Angelo Presenza, Milena Viassone, The development of sustainable tourism through market-based sources of innovation in the "albergo diffuso"
Roberto Bruni, Michela Matarazzo, Dus?an Mladenovic´ , Figure of Merit for places: Perspectives on place branding
Rebecca Pera, Giampaolo Viglia, Can snacking be healthy? A comparison between coeliacs and health conscious food consumers
Marcello Risitano, Rosaria Romano, Annarita Sorrentino, Michele Quintano, Evaluating tourist behaviour in sport mega-events through a structural equation model
Marcello Risitano, Francesco Parola, Alessandra Turi, Marco Ferretti, Green practices in port authority management: A multiple case study
Oronzo Trio, Antonio Iazzi, Consumers’ preferences in the estate market: An explorative research on the residential product
Autori vari, Book Reviews

Issue 2/2017 
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Tonino Pencarelli, Marketing in an experiential perspective: Toward the "Experience Logic"
Marcello Sansone, Roberto Bruni, Annarita Colamatteo, Maria Anna Pagnanelli, Dynamic capabilities in retailers’ marketing strategies: Defining an analysis model
Marcello Sansone, Roberto Bruni, Annarita Colamatteo, Maria Anna Pagnanelli, SIM Talk 2016: Retail - Consumptions - Digital
Patrizia de Luca, Gabriella Schoier, Alice Vessio, Cause-Related Marketing and Trust: Empirical Evidence on Pinkwashing
Vittoria Marino, Letizia Lo Presti, Towards an online approach to university public engagement: An exploratory analysis of website content
Francesca De Canio, Marco Ieva, Cristina Ziliani, Beyond the "mobile versus PC" dichotomy: Profiling online shoppers based on device usage
Michela C. Mason, Andrea Moretti, Francesco Raggiotto, Service Quality, Behavioural Intentions and Lipstick effect. Evidence from a Masstige context
Umberto Martini, Federica Buffa, The links between territorial marketing, regional sustainability policies and the brand positioning of a small firm: An analysis of best practice in the dairy sector
Gennaro Iasevoli, Reviews
A cura della Redazione, Errata corrige Mercati & Competitività 2017, 1

Issue 1/2017 
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Gaetano Aiello, Products moving along channels, consumers cross channels
Enrico Bonetti, Michele Simoni, Introduction. New frontiers for competition: Outcomes from the 13th CIRCLE International conference
Francesco Calza, Adele Parmentola, Ilaria Tutore, An open approach to develop green innovation. A case study analysis
Monica Faraoni, Tommaso Pucci, Samuel Rabino, Lorenzo Zanni, Does brand market value affect consumer perception of brand origin in the purchasing process? The case of Tuscan wines
Alex Bizzarri, Silvio Cardinali, Antonio Picciotti, Gian Luca Gregori, The evolution of fundraising in the Italian non profit context: The "Lega del Filo d’Oro" case
Marco Ferretti, Eva Panetti, Adele Parmentola, Marcello Risitano, The port community system as a local innovation system: A theoretical framework
Alessandra Mazzei, Silvia Ravazzani, Internal Branding and Employee Brand Consistent Behaviours: The Role of Enablement-Oriented Communication
Stefano Pace, Matteo Corciolani, Giacomo Gistri, Consumers’ responses to ethical brand crises on social media platforms
Cristina Zerbini, Donata Tania Vergura, Beatrice Luceri, Consumers’ intention to buy generic drugs: Evidences from the Italian setting
Gennaro Iasevoli, Reviews
A cura della Redazione, Referee 2016

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