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The writings submitted for publication in the section "Articles" are subject to a revision procedure which complies with the standards in use for scientific publications at international level and which are accepted by major citation databases. The Director assigns the job to one member of the Editorial Board, who then takes responsibility and, with the Director, makes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript’s potential for publication. The work passed through for assessment is sent anonymously to two scientific reviewers with recognized expertise in the topic, selected by the Editorial Board, and they will express their overall assessment and an analytical opinion, both of which will be communicated to the author confidentially, to be revealed only to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The author will also receive suggestions as to the piece’s suitability for publication in line with one of the following four designations: a) acceptable for publication in its current version. b) acceptable with minor revisions. c) potentially acceptable after substantial revision. d) not acceptable for publication in the journal. The editorial board’s decision regarding the manuscript’s suitability for publication is sent to the author along with the comments of the reviewers

The circulation of the journal is intended to enhance the impact in the academic community, the world of applied research, professional associations and representative institutions.

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Issue 3/2017 
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A cura della Redazione, Editorial
Olga Filaretova, Marie von Meyer-Höfer, Katia Laura Sidali, Is perceived authenticity also desired? Investigating the relation between perceived authenticity and product preference
Daniel Eberhard, Translating means-end research into advertising strategy using the meccas model
Johanna Katharina Schenner, The Gangmaster Licensing Authority: An Institution Able to Tackle Labour Exploitation?
Piermichele La Sala, Raffaele Silvestri, Emilia Lamonaca, Nicola Faccilongo, Le capacità relazionali quali risorse critiche per la creazione di valore nella filiera vitivinicola lucana
A cura della Redazione, Referee 2017

Issue 2/2017 
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A cura della Redazione, Editorial
Edvin Zhllima, Drini Imami, Elvina Merkaj, Irma Qinami, Erdit Nesturi, Consumer preferences for yogurt in Albania
Rosa Maria Fanelli, Angela Di Nocera, How to implement new educational campaigns against food waste: An analysis of best practices in European Countries
Drini Imami, Engjell Skreli, Edvin Zhllima, Catherine Chanb, Consumer attitudes towards organic food in the Western Balkans - the case of Albania
Davide D’Angelo, Saverio Senni, Social farming and the recent national regulation: An exploratory survey
Belinda López-Galán, Tiziana de-Magistris, Vincenzina Caputo, The impact of emotional intelligence of consumers when purchasing products with nutritional claims

Issue 1/2017 
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A cura della Redazione, Editorial
Vera Bitsch, Stefan Mair, Marta M. Borucinska, Christiane A. Schettler, Introduction of a Nationwide Minimum Wage: Challenges to Agribusinesses in Germany
Richard Pomfret, Improved Infrastructure and Agricultural Exports from Central Asia
Paola Corsinovi, Davide Gaeta, European Wine Policies and their consequences on the global wine trade
Bodo E. Steiner, A phenomenon-driven approach to the study of value creation and organizational design issues in agri-business value chains
Sabrina Arcuri, Gianluca Brunori, Francesca Galli, Insights on the role of private and public actors in food assistance provision: A literature review for High Income Countries
Julia Anna Jungmair, Oliver Meixner, Green care day care for the elderly on Austrian farms
Francesco Casadei, «Volete la salute?». Bevande e alimenti per il benessere nelle campagne pubblicitarie italiane tra XIX e XX secolo («Do you want your health?». Functional foods and beverages in Italian advertising campaigns between 19th and 20th century)

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