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Rivista della Società Italiana di Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia (SIPNEI)
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PNEI REVIEW is the journal published by the Italian Society of Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology (SIPNEI), a scientific inter-professional association promoting the study and care of the human being as a whole.
The aim of the journal is to support the unity of the knowledge on human beings by overcoming the barriers that separate the different disciplines. The interdisciplinary program of PNEI REVIEW is implemented by hosting articles that are written in a scientific and yet clear language explaining and investigating the functioning of the human body both in health and disease. A particular emphasis is given to the bi-directional relationships between the psyche and the biological systems within the social and environmental context. Along with this scientific program, PNEI REVIEWprovides also more clinical and therapeutic focused articles and reviews with particular regard to the new models of prevention and integrative care of human health. The languages are Italian and English. Each issue hosts a monograph, decided by the Board, and other articles that will be subjected to the anonymous peer-review process.

Italian Society of Psychoeneuroendocrineimmunology (SIPNEI)General Editor: Francesco Bottaccioli
Editor Assistant: Marco Chiera Editorial board: Franco Baldoni (Psychosomatic Medicine, Bologna University) Fabrizio Benedetti (Neuroscience, Torino University) Gianluca Bocchi (Philosophy of Science, Bergamo University) Mauro Bologna (General Pathology, L’Aquila University) Francesco Bottaccioli (Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, L’Aquila University) David Lazzari (Medical Psychology, Perugia University) Andrea Minelli (Physiology, Urbino University) Piero Porcelli (Clinical Psychology, Chieti University)

For infoFrancesco Bottaccioli

Papers submitted to the journal are typically screened by the editor or one of the associate editors to determine whether the manuscript falls within Journal’s Aims and Scope and satisfies the academic standards of the field. Papers are then assigned to an editor who oversees the entire editorial process including the final decision on the manuscript. If judged suitable for publication, the manuscript is sent to at least two independent referees for double blind peer review. Based on their recommendation, as well as possible consultation between Editorial Board members, the editor decides whether the paper should be accepted as it is, revised or rejected.\Riviste\Allegati\PNEI\ EN-Guidelines-for-Reviewers.pdf

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Issue 2/2021 
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Francesco Bottaccioli, Fantastica immunologia
Moisés E. Bauer, Premature immunosenescence: role of stress-related factors
Ilaria Demori, Microbiota e immunità (Microbiota and immunity)
Maria Rita Acone, Dal profilo di rischio del lavoratore al profilo di rischio della persona: un metodo per la promozione della salute (From the worker’s risk profile to the person’s risk profile: a method for the promotion of health)
A cura della Redazione, Recensioni
Mauro Bologna, Microrganismi questi sconosciuti (Microorganisms as poorly recognized entities by health professionals)
Anna Giulia Bottaccioli, Alimentazione, nutraceutica e immunità ai tempi della Covid-19 (Nutrition, nutraceutics and immune function in the Covid-19 era)
Nicola Barsotti, Biomeccanica umana, stress e immunità (Human biomechanics, stress and immunity)
Leslye Pario, Luigia de Marinis, Vincenzo Velio Degola, Approccio multidisciplinare alle malattie infiammatorie croniche intestinali: la rettocolite ulcerosa (Multidisciplinar approach to chronic inflammatory bowel diseases: the ulcerative colitis)

Issue 1/2021 
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Laura Bastianelli, Alessandro Bianchi, Francesco Bottaccioli, Raffaella Cardone, Ines Romy Cutrona, Gianangelo Palo, Fabio Sinibaldi, Emanuela Stoppele, Giulia Tossici, Laura Vaccaro, Un nuovo paradigma per le scienze e le professioni psicologiche e psichiatriche (A new paradigm for the psychological and psychiatric sciences and professions)
Doris Radolovic, La dipendenza da cocaina: verso un’integrazione delle cure (Cocaine addiction: an integration of treatments)
Società Italiana di Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia - Consiglio Direttivo Nazionale, Pandemia, un anno dopo. Un contributo di idee alla riforma dei contenuti e dei modelli organizzativi della cura della salute umana (Pandemic, the year after. A contribution of ideas to the reform of content and organizational models of human health care)
Nicola Barsotti, Marco Chiera, Diego Lanaro, La relazione struttura-funzione: le interazioni fra stress, immunità e fascia (The structure-function relationship: the interactions between stress, immunity and fascia)
Mauro Bologna, Anna Giulia Bottaccioli, Francesco Bottaccioli, Recensioni. Pandemie. Dalla peste di Atene alla CoViD-19 / Covid-19. Una lettura Pnei Riproduciamo la Prefazione di Anna Giulia e Francesco Bottaccioli al loro libro Nutrire l’immunità contro Covid-19 / Immunologia, psichiatria e filosofia

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