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Fascicolo 18/1997 

Stanley M. Stein, Thomas L. Harper, Pragmatic Incrementalist Planning in Post-Modern Society: A Normative Justification
Tore Sager, Incremental Planning for a Pluralistic Democracy
Yvonne Rydin, The Content of Incremental Planning
Thomas L. Harper, Stanley M. Stein, Pragmatic Incrementalism: Legitimated by Liberal Ideals, perhaps a Theory, definitely not a Metanarrative
Ernest R. Alexander, Design in Planning: Deliberative and Communicative Rationality as Context for Design in the Planning Process
Niraj Verma, Arguing about Wicked problems: Putting Horst Rittel's Works in Perspective
Jean-Pierre Protzen, Niraj Verma, On Rittel's Pathologies of Planning
Wolf Reuter, Power and Discourse in Planning

Fascicolo 17/1997 

C.J. Hoch, Planning Theorists Taking an Interpretive Tun Need not Travel on the Political Economy Highway
M. Lauria, Communicating in a Vacuum: Will Anyone Hear?
M. Feldman, Can We Talk? Interpretive Planning Theory as Comedy
P. Healey, Situating Communicative Practices: Moving Beyond Urban Political Economy
C.J. Hoch, A Reply
N. Low, What made it Happen? Mapping The Teain of Power in Urban Development
L. Vettoretto, Planning Theory and Fragmented Societies. Explorations in Melvin Webber’s Civic Liberalism

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