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Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale (Sociology and Sociological Research), was founded in 1980 by a group of professors from different Italian universities and different branches of Sociology. The aim was to achieve two main goals. The first was to create a channel for communication among specialists not subject to academic limitation of any sort. The second was to pursue the project of a logically and methodologically based empirical research, focusing on one hand on the relations between scientific statute of social theory, and on the other on social intervention. The fundamental need for pluralism has guided the work of this review since it was founded. Italian and foreign authors from academic, research or professional backgrounds discuss themes and issues that range from social theory, sociology of communication, professions in the field, complex organizations, and social services, to labor rights and policies and sociology of the sciences and knowledge.

General Editor: Maurizio Bonolis Scientific board: A. Abruzzese (Milano Iulm), M.C. Agodi (Università di Napoli) G.D. Amendola (Firenze), M.S. Agnoli (Roma I), M. Bonolis (Roma I), G. Bechelloni (Firenze), L. Benadusi (Roma I), E. Campelli (Roma I), A. Cavazzani (Cosenza), F. Cecconi (Istc-Cnr), R. Cipollini (Roma I), M. Corsale (Roma I), A. Decataldo (Milano Bicocca), R. De Giorgi (Lecce), F. Dei (Pisa), S. Della Pergola (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), P. De Nardis (Roma I), F. Faccioli (Roma I), A. Fasanella (Roma I), M. Fedele (Roma I), G. Giampaglia (Napoli «Federico II»), H. Jeřábek (Prague Charles University), M. Livolsi (Milano Iulm), C. Lombardo (Roma I), P. Marconi (Roma I), A. Marinelli (Roma I), C. Marletti (Torino), A. Marradi (Firenze), F. Martinelli (Roma I), S. Mauceri (Roma I), V. Mele (Pisa), U. Melotti (Roma I), M. Morcellini (Roma I), L. Muzzetto (Pisa), M. Negrotti (Urbino), S. Nobile (Roma I), G. Pagliano (Roma III), R.D. Pawson (University of Leeds), M. Paolucci (Istc-Cnr), J.I. Piovani (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), M.C. Pitrone (Roma I), G.P. Prandstraller (Bologna), M. Santuccio (Padova), N. Stame (Roma I), G. Sivini (Cosenza), M. Toscano (Pisa), I.G. Valeriano (Universitat de Valencia), O. Velthuis (University of Amsterdam).

Editors M.P. Faggiano, V. Lo Presti, S. Mauceri, S. Nobile e S. Tusini
Editorial Office: via Savoia, 80 - 00198 - Roma.

Classified in Class A by Anvur (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) in: Sociology

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Issue 124/2021 
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Luigi Muzzetto, Introduction to the problem of relevance
Hisashi Nasu, Alfred Schutz’s conception of relevance and its significances for the social sciences
Carlos Belvedere, Topic relevance as the basic structuration of the field of consciousness
Ken Takakusa, Relevance and cognitive style: on the double characterization of science in Alfred Schutz
Daniela Griselda Lopez, Schutzian social cartography
Riccardo Venturini, The system of relevances and enclaves
Jochen Dreher, Life-World, relevance and power. Phenomenology and social critique
Luigi Muzzetto, On the «unconscious» nature of Because motives. Some considerations on the Unconscious in Alfred Schutz
Hermílio Santos, Priscila Susin, Relevance and time in Schutzian theory: methodological implications to interpretative biographical research
Christian Meyer, Frank Oberzaucher, Relevance and embodied reflexivity: constellations work between Gurwitsch, Merleau-Ponty and Garfinkel
A cura della Redazione, Abstracts

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