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Tra soggetto e oggetto: il difficile percorso del desiderio femminile
Autori/Curatori: Claudia Zanardi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2000 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
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Tra soggetto e oggetto: il difficile percorso del desiderio femminile ABSTRACT: The paper shows the difficulty in psychoanalytic literature in interpretating female desire. Indeed, the focus is either on woman or mother, always taken singly, avoiding integration of womanSelf-subject and motherSelf-obj~ct. The difficulty in understanding female desire, which includes the maternal, could be related to the complexity of the maternal interpretation, connected far both men and women, to the traumatic memory of primary separation from the mother's body, birth. My hyphothesis is that the birth memory, remaining inscribed in the body, is either expressed by the omnipotent mother fantasy or projected by both sexes on the female, the mother body, which becomes objectified in the culture. The fantasy of maternal omnipotency - idealization of the mother and the objectification of the female body - devaluation of the maternal body, both could represent a defence against human impotency in facing the mystery of life. In the light of this hypothesis, the paper considers the difficulty of the girI, who inherits the transmission of the maternal, to express and, at the same time, to represent in her life the anxiety derived from the birth processo Woman will always fluctuate, caught in the impossibility of an integration of the two parts of herself: an acquired subjectivity and the «idealized» and «objectified » motherself.

Claudia Zanardi, in "PSICOTERAPIA E SCIENZE UMANE" 2/2000, pp. , DOI:


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