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Al di là dell'archetipo. II. Verso una metapsicologia della complessità
Autori/Curatori: Stefano Fissi 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2000 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
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Al di là dell'archetipo. II. Verso una metapsicologia della complessità ABSTRACT: In the conflict between empirism-naturalism and hermeneutics, the jungians have belonged to the latter field, remembering the iconoclasty towards science of the founder of their school. Hillman seems to have brought to an end the emancipation of analytical psychology from medical model and biological metaphors, proposing return to a neo-platonic like politheism. But also the psychoanalytic movement has brought about a progressive revisioning of the structuraI three-part model, occurring through the following steps: introduction of Self; independence of object from drive; emphasis on affect; highlight on basic homeostathic structures, linked to a neurophysiological, representational and behavioural correspondence, regulating relationship and Self. Motivational systems come both from inheritance and caregiver relationship, reporting the drive foundations of mind to a more developed structure, correspondent to the needs of immediate experience. So it can be taken into account the pluralistic vision of psyche that Hillman has translated in the neoplatonic archai, and that infant observation recovers in the regolative structures of Self and relationship, extending from infancy in adulthood and in the misfunctioning models of compulsion to repetition. Archetype may be the anticipation of a metapsychologicaI mode! of complexity that today expresses the unitary yearning for an integration of theories.

Stefano Fissi, in "PSICOTERAPIA E SCIENZE UMANE" 2/2000, pp. , DOI:


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