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Note sull'efficacia della legge-cinema
Autori/Curatori: Giovanni Ferriero 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2002 Fascicolo: 2  Lingua: Italiano 
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The continuous amendments and additions that have been made over the years to Law N° 1213 of 1965 (known as the "Cinema Act") and to Law N° 153 of 1994, which was enacted to amend the 1965 Act (the "New Cinema Act"), have not put an end to the debate that has been dragging on for a long time about the serious state of crisis afflicting the Italian cinema industry, in the absence of any regula-tions that are really capable of relaunching and maintaining movie productions in Italy and abroad. Yet the criticism of the Cinema Act is not shared by all con-cerned: some argue that the Italian movie industry is in a very healthy condition and that, despite a few gaps, the 1994 Act is an effective support to the country’s movie production. The situation described above is the starting point for the research described in this article, which aims at studying secondary empirical data, government reports and sectorial studies to determine whether the Cinema Act has actually achieved so far what the legislator intended it to do. On his way towards reaching some sub-stantially sceptical conclusions, the author uses certain indicators, such as the total amount of public funding provided to the cinema, the number of films financed by the state, trends in Italy’s movie-making industry, the number of films imported and the number of tickets sold.

Giovanni Ferriero, in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL DIRITTO " 2/2002, pp. , DOI:


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