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Etica e responsabilità sociale delle imprese
Autori/Curatori: Adolfo Guzzini 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2004 Fascicolo: 96 Lingua: Italiano 
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Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility ABSTRACT: Voluntary integration of companies social and ecological issues in their activities and relationship with third parties involved. This is the issue Adolfo Guzzini identifies and indicates as one of the main objectives companies may have. A company Social Responsibility as part of its identity to be shown to its employees and to the society in which the company operates. It is now clear that companies need to integrate with their behaviour the existing European and international legislation of Companies Social Responsibility. A set of values dictated not only by government or international rules but also intentional expression of companies behaviour which will have a positive, direct or indirect, repercussions on their productivity, being this the mission of every enterprise.

Adolfo Guzzini, in "SOCIOLOGIA DEL LAVORO " 96/2004, pp. , DOI:


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