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Gruppi: apparizioni del Reale attraverso il "con-esserci".Rivelazioni, conversioni, fedi
Autori/Curatori: Diego Napolitani 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2009 Fascicolo: 1-2 Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  74 P. 7-80 Dimensione file:  1991 KB
DOI:  10.3280/RIG2009-001002
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The common meaning and principles of psychoanalysis confirm that what is "real" is objective, recognized by the senses and defined by the Ego, creating an anthropological koinè which is universal, a common language, beyond dialects, in which subject and object are reciprocally confirmed. In this prospective "reality testing" is the undisputable proof which draws a line between true and false, between normal and pathological deviance, between fantasy and categorical thought. Today this principle is being upset by the micro- and macro-physical sciences, by neuroscience, anthropology, philosophy and, lastly, by some currants of psychology. All of these disciplines, with obviously diverse methods, are oriented toward investigating the meaning of reality testing, that is, the questions about being and about presence that accompany man from the cradle to the grave, from his appearance as a species to his unthinkable becoming. This essay will explore some anthropopoietic (Remotti) processes, some forms of the autopoiesis of the human system in its transit from experiences of absolute confluence with the senses, to experiences of belonging to categories that confine it to closed identities (individual and collective), to experiences of aperture to the "Other" which reciprocally render Other one’s own Self. But contrary to a linear vision of the development of man’s self-formation, these forms of experience, even if prevailing each in a particular age, interpenetrate in various ways during all of existence in the sense that the Real loses its univocal characterization to become a combination of different apparitions, for the most part contradictory: a mystery which is incapable of being saturated. This "self-formation" is an expression of the anthropological necessity of "being with" (Heidegger’s Mit-da-sein), for which the group (historical, contingent, ideal) is the occasion for the Real to appear in its most diverse revelations, each capable of producing extremely varied changes, both in range and in persistence, in the individual and collective identities. In the conclusion a group experience is narrated, with relative even if partial documentation, in which it is possible to retrace some key aspects of the preceding theoretic presentation in a real life situation.
Keywords: Servo/padrone, infinità, rivelazioni, coscienza storica, conversioni, antropopoiesi.

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Diego Napolitani, in "RIVISTA ITALIANA DI GRUPPOANALISI" 1-2/2009, pp. 7-80, DOI:10.3280/RIG2009-001002


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