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Esperienze maturate nella Sanità Pubblica. La valutazione differenziale del personale
Titolo Rivista: RIV Rassegna Italiana di Valutazione 
Autori/Curatori: Vincenzo Lorenzini 
Anno di pubblicazione:  2012 Fascicolo: 53-54  Lingua: Italiano 
Numero pagine:  21 P. 99-119 Dimensione file:  1402 KB
DOI:  10.3280/RIV2012-053008
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A problem still unsolved by the PA reforms is how to manage the awarding system. While measuring and evaluating the organizational performance is not difficult, there are serious problems as far as the differentiation of individual awards goes. Most actors concerned with awarding productivity bonuses - administrations, trade unions, directors - live among a thousand controversies: this does not happen inside the National Health System (SSN) thanks to different, interesting solutions. By trade union agreements the differentiation between individual performances has been accepted, based on a undisputed principle: within each work team all workers have talents, and none can be excluded from the distribution of bonuses that enter into payment by results. In an homogeneous team, in fact, the individual worker’s engagement - talent - can be assessed by objective criteria shared at the beginning of the year; differential evaluation means that the director judges the actual contribution of each worker to the attainment of the goals of the whole department. This method has spread in a network of agencies of the SSN in some Italian regions, thanks to a process of contamination of best practices of the Independent Evaluation Organism (OIV). When this is the case, the OIV act as true local authorities, warranting the accuracy of the measuring systems.

Keywords: Differential valuation, analysis of results, evaluation of capacities, evaluation of behaviour.

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Vincenzo Lorenzini, in "RIV Rassegna Italiana di Valutazione" 53-54/2012, pp. 99-119, DOI:10.3280/RIV2012-053008


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