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Founded in 1946 by Mario Dal Pra, the Rivista di storia della filosofia soon made its mark in Italy and abroad thanks to its fresh approach to hypotheses and its philologically rigorous investigations into themes and questions arising from the historical tradition of Western thought. It has dedicated monographic issues to the thoughts of Dewey, Russell, Carnap, Vailati, Hobbes, Hume, Aristotle, Epicurus, Abelard, Husserl, Kant, Hegel and Quine. It has also published, and continues to publish, studies on the most interesting questions in the history of thought, as well as documents and previously unpublished texts. It also examines the significant aspects of current philosophical debate, whilst maintaining a direct link between the history of philosophy and research in other areas of culture and following the teaching of philosophy in secondary schools and universities.

General editor: Enrico Isacco Rambaldi
Associate editore: Giovanni Rota
Executive board: Jaap Mansfeld, Maria Teresa Marcialis, Gianni Paganini, Gregorio Piaia, Marco Ivaldo
Scientific board: Stefano Besoli, Luca Bianchi, Mauro Bonazzi, Michele Ciliberto, Sabrina Ebbersmeyer, Riccardo Fedriga, Luc Foisneau, Annamaria Loche, Jorge Mittelmann, Massimo Parodi, Gaetano Rametta, Birgit Sandkaulen, Emanuela Scribano, Franco Trabattoni, Paolo Valore
Editors: Paul Goodrick

Review and editorial office: Rivista di storia della filosofia - c/o CNR-ISPF - Via Roberto Cozzi, 53 - 20125 Milano.
Enrico I. Rambaldi (enrico.rambaldi@unimi.it)
Giovanni Rota (giovanni.rota@ispf.cnr.it)

La Rivista utilizza una procedura di referaggio doppiamente cieco (double blind peer review process), i revisori sono scelti in base alla specifica competenza. L’articolo verrà inviato in forma anonima per evitare possibili influenze dovute al nome dell’autore. La redazione può decidere di non sottoporre ad alcun referee l’articolo perché giudicato non pertinente o non rigoroso né rispondente a standard scientifici adeguati. I giudizi dei referee saranno inviati all’autore anche in caso di risposta negativa.

Classified in Class A by Anvur (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) in: Philosophy

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Issue 1/2021 
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Enrico Piergiacomi, La «salvezza» dagli dèi inattivi? Epicuro sulla s?t???a divina
Giacomo Fornasieri, «Intelligere formaliter solum connotat aliquid ut apparens». Peter Auriol on the Nature of the Cognitive Act
Chiara Paladini, Walter Burley on divine Ideas
Fabrizio Baldassarri, Being Alive in Descartes’ Physiology: Animals and Plants, the Immutatio and the Impetus
Elena Muceni, Bourreaux ou victimes? La transformation de l’image philosophique de l’infanticide au tournant du XVIIIe siècle
Esma Kayar, The Principle of Excluded Middle in Kant
Marco Sgarbi, Sperone Speroni filosofo del linguaggio
Girolamo Imbruglia, Johann Crell e il nuovo socinianesimo
Enrico Colombo, Bruno Bauer, Hegel e l’ebraismo
Christian Vassallo, Alcmaeon’s Empirical Side: Unpublished Notes from the Vlastos-­Nachlass
A cura della Redazione, Recensioni
A cura della Redazione, Libri ricevuti

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