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Edizioni Franco Angeli. La passione per le conoscenze

How to subscribe?
You can subscribe to a journal, choosing one of two formats:
- paper format (print edition)
- digital format – if available - (as an e-book in pdf for Adobe Digital Edition)
Follow the online instructions that appear after you've added your choice of subscription to the shopping cart (which appears on each journal's presentation page).

What does it mean to subscribe to the digital version of a journal?
When yousubscribe to a digital version you will receive each issue as an e-book, which can be downloaded onto a PC or Mac as a pdf for Adobe Digital Editions (with the facility to add notes and to transfer onto six devices; the facility to print and make copies is not included). For further information on our e-books, click here.

If I subscribe to the digital version of a journal when will I receive my first issue?
Straight away. As soon as you've completed the registration and purchasing procedure you'll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download the current issue.
We'll tell you as soon as the next issue is available and you can download it whenever you like by going on to your reserved area.

When does subscription to the paper version of a journal start?
The subscription starts as soon as notification is given of payment of the subscription fee. The subscriber will receive the next published issue after subscribing.

How many and which issue will I receive?
You'll receive the number of issues that corresponds to the periodicity of the journal to which you have subscribed, starting from the issue is current at the time of your subscription. This will correspond to the calendar year if you subscribe before publication of the year's first issue.

How do I subscribe, renew a subscription and pay for a subscription online?
First of all you'll need to be a registered user. If you're not registered (or you've forgotten your password) click here. Then:

  • select the journal from the list of journals;
  • on the presentation page of the journal you've selected choose the type of subscription (print or digital) and click on the icon to place the product in the cart;
  • fill in the form that appears during the purchase procedure and you'll be directed to the Banca Sella secure payment system, where you can use your credit card or PayPal. For more information click here;
  • at this point if you've chosen to subscribe to the digital version (pdf for Adobe Digital Edition) you'll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the download. If you've selected the print version, you'll receive confirmation with details of the issue which starts your subscription.

How do I pay for subscription to a print journal?
For print versions only it's also possible to take out a subscription by sending a request (e-mail riviste@francoangeli.it or fax +39.02-26141958) to our Ufficio Riviste indicating clearly:

  • the name of the journal
  • the details of the person taking out the subscription (name, surname, address, post code, city, e-mail, telephone)
  • payment method (the date and number of the completed bank transfer).

The bank transfer should be made to FrancoAngeli srl, c/o Intesa-San Paolo, Filiale 1899 Milano, IBAN: IT94J0306909530100000001933 .

What should I do to buy a single issue (paper format) or an entire year's back issues (paper format)?
To do this (or receive further information) contact FrancoAngeli s.r.l.Ufficio Riviste viale Monza 106, 20127 Milano (tel. +39-02-28371456 - Fax : +39-02-26141958).

How to but an issue as an e-book
Issues marked with are available as e-books. They can be downloaded onto a PC or Mac as a pdf for Adobe Digital Editions (with the facility to add notes and to transfer onto six devices).
For further information on our e-books, click here.

What should I do if I have a problem with a digital edition (pdf version for Adobe Digital Edition)?
Send an e-mail to: assistenza@francoangeli.it. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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