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The writings submitted for publication in the section "Articles" are subject to a revision procedure which complies with the standards in use for scientific publications at international level and which are accepted by major citation databases. The Director assigns the job to one member of the Editorial Board, who then takes responsibility and, with the Director, makes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript’s potential for publication. The work passed through for assessment is sent anonymously to two scientific reviewers with recognized expertise in the topic, selected by the Editorial Board, and they will express their overall assessment and an analytical opinion, both of which will be communicated to the author confidentially, to be revealed only to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The author will also receive suggestions as to the piece’s suitability for publication in line with one of the following four designations: a) acceptable for publication in its current version. b) acceptable with minor revisions. c) potentially acceptable after substantial revision. d) not acceptable for publication in the journal. The editorial board’s decision regarding the manuscript’s suitability for publication is sent to the author along with the comments of the reviewers

The circulation of the journal is intended to enhance the impact in the academic community, the world of applied research, professional associations and representative institutions.

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Issue 3/2016 N° 3 (2016)
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Yubao Cui, Luca Cacciolatti, Patrick Woock, Yinghua Liu, Xuehe Zhang, A Qualitative Exploratory Investigation on the Purchase Intention of Consumers Affected by Long-term Negative Advertising: A Case from the Chinese Milk Sector
Claudia Bazzani, Daniele Asioli, Maurizio Canavari, Elisabetta Gozzoli, Consumer perceptions and attitudes towards Farmers' Markets: the case of a Slow Food "Earth Market"®
Andrea Morrone, Hypotheses for a constitutional right to food
Giacomo Blasi, Angelo Caruso, Elena Viganò, Progettazione partecipata di una mensa scolastica sostenibile mediante lo sviluppo di un Business Model Canvas (Participatory design of a sustainable school canteeen through the development of a Business Model Canvas)
Roberto De Giorgio, Il Food Safety Modernization Act
Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, The scientific and editorial history of the journal Economia agro-alimentare

Issue 2/2016 
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Sarah Hemmerling, Sina Nitzko, Achim Spiller, Guest Editorial
Marcello Di Muro, Rungsaran Wongprawmas, Maurizio Canavari, Consumers’ Preferences and Willingness-To-Pay for Misfit Vegetables
Ramona Weinrich, Annabell Franz, Achim Spiller, Multi-level labelling: too complex for consumers?
Sarah Hemmerling, Achim Spiller, Old vegetable varieties: attitude, consumption behaviour and knowledge of German consumers
Sedef Akgungor, Andrea Groppel-Klein, Joerg Koenigstorfer, Yaprak Gulcan, Yesim Kustepeli, The Impact of Nutrition Labels on Food Sales: An In-Store Experiment in a Turkish Supermarket
Fausto Cantarelli, Le sfide per uno sviluppo sostenibile del sistema agroalimentare italiano e non solo

Issue 1/2016 
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Annalisa De Boni, Pietro Pulina, Rocco Roma, Adaptation processes of agro-food companies toward responsibility
Katia L. Sidali, Nelson R. Granja Toledo, Alvaro Monteros Altamirano, Mirian Sanchez Fernandez, Maria del Rosario Mejía, Wilson Usina, New trends in the debate on geographical indications: evidence from Ecuador
Giacomo Fiorani, Alessio Cavicchi, Elisabetta Croci Angelini, Prospettive strategiche per il Made in Italy agroalimentare: un’analisi esplorativa del mercato delle macchine professionali da caffè espresso secondo le 5 forze competitive di Porter (Strategic perspectives on "Made in Italy": an exploratory market analysis of professional espresso coffee machines according to Porter’s five competitive forces)
Alyya Ismailova, Aida Balkibayeva, Reza Shahrjerdi, Alessandro Palmieri, Anar Nukesheva, Overview on state support of development of agriculture in Kazakhstan (Akmola region evidence)
Luca Altamore, Simona Bacarella, Pietro Columba, Chiara Ferrarella, Ylenia Oliveri, Veronica Valdesi, La filiera siciliana della pasta: un’applicazione della netchain analysis (The Sicilian pasta supply chain: an application of the netchain analysis)

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