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Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane [Psychotherapy, Humanities, and Social Sciences] is an interdisciplinary quarterly journal. Founded in 1967, it is currently co-edited by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., Marianna Bolko, M.D., and Paolo Migone, M.D. It is by far and away the most widely circulated journal in the field in Italy, and also one of the oldest. It is indexed by various international databases such as PsycINFO (Psychological Abstracts), Psychoanalytic Abstracts, EMBASE (Ex¬cerpta Medica), EMCare, Scopus, Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences), PASCAL (INIST), etc. The project Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane was one of the original aims and methods of the "Milan Group for the Advancement of Psychotherapy", which, has been led by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D. since 1960. In 1970 the Group was renamed Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane (like the journal, which was founded by Pier Francesco Galli in 1967) after the Third World Congress of Psychotherapy which was organized by the Group of the same name. The precise aim, which is still valid today, was to meet the needs of professionals involved in psychotherapy and related fields along three fundamental lines. First of all, the journal wanted to fill the gap between the Italian and international mental health communities - the Italian situation at the time was characterized by widespread cultural delay (university courses and degrees in psychology didn't exist, psychiatry was still under the influence of neurology, etc.). Secondly - and this is an important aspect - there was a need to provide a historical and critical filter for all the foreign professional culture that was being imported, in order to avoid the flat and automatic absorption of foreign cultural models. Thirdly, the journal was designed to examine mental health professionals' training processes in light of the link between clinical practice and theoretical construction. This was summarized in the editorial of the first issue (no. 1, 1967): «Insecurity, the daily feeling of the psychotherapist at work, is responsibly taken as an interplay between conflicting poles within the human sciences». In light of this, a real and not "academic" interdisciplinary approach is still the goal of a professional work with a strong social impact, in opposition to the widespread "parallel tolerance" and ecumenical opportunism that characterises our field. The Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane project also included several book series founded by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., such as the "Library of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology" (founded in 1959, total 87 titles), published by the Milanese publisher Feltrinelli, and "Program Psychology, Psychiatry, and Psychotherapy" (founded in 1964, more than 250 titles), published by Boringhieri of Turin. Included in these series were translations of the most important international classics in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, many of which formed the backbone of the professional culture of generations of Italian mental health professionals. In line with these premises, the journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane publishes psychoanalytic articles alongside papers from other disciplines, such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, education science, and history. Exponents of these disciplines have been represented on the journal's editorial board since its foundation. In the 1980s, the publication of a series of columns emphasised the journal's role as a ''service-provider'' to the Italian mental health community. These columns have included: "Classics of psychoanalytic research" (30 classic papers written between 1927 and 1965 and published between 1989 and 1999); "Clinical cases" (a separate column since 1987 under which many complete clinical cases have been published and discussed by authors from different psychotherapy schools); "Book reviews" (a separate column since 1984); "Traces. Mummia ridens" (since 2004; a reconstruction of the history of Italian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy from the theoretical and sociological perspective); "Journals" (since 1984, with contents and reviews of selected articles from the field's main national and international journals; since 2006, there has also been an annual lengthy comment on each journal under review).

Direzione/Editors: Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., Marianna Bolko, M.D., Paolo Migone, M.D.
Comitato di consulenza/Consulting Editorial Board: Valeria P. Babini, Ph.D. (Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, Università di Bologna), Alberto Burgio, Ph.D. (Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, Università di Bologna), Morris N. Eagle, Ph.D. (Derner Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York; New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles), Lawrence Friedman, M.D. (New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York), Pedro Grosz, Ph.D. (Zürich Psychoanalytic Seminar, Zürich), Robert R. Holt, Ph.D. (New York University, New York), Emilio Modena, M.D. (Zürich Psychoanalytic Seminar, Zürich), Johannes Reichmayr, Ph.D. (Sigmund Freud University, Vienna), Berthold Rothschild, M.D. (Zürich Psychoanalytic Seminar, Zürich), Thomas von Salis, M.D. (Zürich Psychoanalytic Seminar, Zürich), Frank Sulloway, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley), Paul L. Wachtel, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology, City College of New York, New York), Jerome C. Wakefield, Ph.D., D.S.W. (Silver School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, New York University, New York), Drew Westen, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta), Peter H. Wolff, M.D. (Children’s Hospital, Boston)
Hanno fatto parte del comitato editoriale/Past Editorial Board Members: Alessandro Ancona (Bologna), Tullio Aymone (Modena), Gaetano Benedetti (Basel), Arno von Blarer (Zürich), Enzo Codignola (Genoa), Johannes Cremerius (Freiburg im Breisgau), Merton M. Gill (Chicago), John E. Gedo (Chicago), Emanuele Gualandri (Milan), Klaus Horn (Frankfurt am Main), Eustachio Loperfido (Bologna), Giambattista Muraro (Milan), Berta Neumann (Milan), Paul Parin (Zürich), Tito Perlini (Trieste), Michele Ranchetti (Florence), Paul Roazen (Boston), Tullio Seppilli (Perugia), Howard Shevrin (Ann Arbor), Helmuth Thomä (Ulm), Judith Valk (Zürich), Joseph Weiss (San Francisco)
Cura delle rubriche/Section Editors: Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., Alberto Merini, M.D. (Tracce / Traces) Adriana Grotta, Ph.D., Ruggero Lamantea, Ph.D., Paola Morra, Ph.D. (Casi clinici / Clinical Cases) Antonella Mancini, Ph.D. (Recensioni / Book Reviews) Luigi Antonello Armando, Ph.D., Jutta Beltz, M.D., Luisella Canepa, M.D., Andrea Castiello d’Antonio, Ph.D., Silvano Massa, M.D., Paolo Migone, M.D., Pietro Pascarelli, M.D. (Riviste / Journals)
Coordinatore della redazione/Contacts: Paolo Migone, M.D., Via Palestro 14, 43123 Parma PR, Italy, tel. +(39) 0521-960595, e-mail
Web Site of the Journal:
Canale YouTube / YouTube

Correspondence: Paolo Migone, M.D., Via Palestro 14, 43123 Parma PR, Italy, tel./fax +(39) 0521-960595, E-Mail; Further information on the history and overall aims of the Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane group is available at:

Peer Review Process: Each contribution sent to the journal is usually examined by 5 or 6 (at times 7, 8 or more) double-blind referees, and at the end of the review process all evaluation forms are sent (of course anonymously) to all referees and author(s), so that the review process has also educational aspects. Further details on the review process are at the web page To check Referees click here

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Issue 4/2019 
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Pier Francesco Galli, Editoriale: Facite ‘a faccia feroce (Editorial: Give them a mean face)
Lawrence Friedman, Gli articoli di Freud sulla tecnica: resoconto di una scoperta (Freud’s papers on technique: His record of discovery)
Erich Fromm, Il contributo delle scienze sociali all’igiene mentale (1951) (The contribution of the social sciences to mental hygiene)
Franco Maiullari, Bianca Maria de Adamich , Marica Fragapane, Il finalismo del sogno nella Psicologia Individuale di Alfred Adler (The finalism of dreams in Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology)
Cesare Romano, Il sogno del Conte Thun e la ricerca di Freud sul passato del padre. Una vergogna da nascondere nel passato di Jacob Freud? (The Count Thun dream and Freud’s search on his father’s past. A shame to hide in Jacob Freud’s past?)
Pier Francesco Galli, Alberto Merini, Tracce (Traces)
Adriana Grotta, Ruggiero Lamantea, Paola Morra, Casi clinici (Clinical cases)
Lenio Rizzo, Interventi sul caso Linda
Franco Lolli, Interventi sul caso Linda
Giorgio Meneguz, Interventi sul caso Anna
Simone Maschietto, Interventi sul caso Anna
Antonella Mancini, Recensioni (Book reviews)
Recensioni - Libri dimenticati - Schede - Libri ricevuti
Luigi Antonello, Armando, Jutta Beltz, Luisella Canepa, Andrea Castiello d’Antonio, Silvano Massa, Paolo Migone, Pietro Pascarelli, Riviste - Segnalazioni di sommari di riviste italiane e straniere (Journals)
Indici dell’anno 2019, Volume 53 - "Seminari Internazionali di Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane" Programma dell’anno 2020 - Referees e correttori di bozze per l'anno 2019 - Informazioni per gli abbonati e i lettori

Issue 3/2019 
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Wilma Bucci, Il ruolo del linguaggio nella vita emotiva (The role of language in emotional life)
Paolo Migone, Percorsi nella psicoanalisi: John E. Gedo (Paths in psychoanalysis: John E. Gedo)
Berta Neumann, Eugenia Omodei Zorini, Diario della psicoterapia di Federico (1955-56) (Process notes on the psychotherapy of Federico (1955-56))
Pier Francesco Galli, Alberto Merini, Tracce (Traces)
Daniel Kahneman, Ricordi di un’estate del 1960 con David Rapaport e possibili sviluppi (Memories of a summer with David Rapaport in 1960, and possible sequelae)
Andrea Angelozzi, Dieci problemi per una reale riforma della salute mentale (Ten problems for a real reform in mental health services)
Antonio Maria Ferro, La bottega della psichiatria: l’operare psichiatrico a quarant’anni dalla Legge 180 (The craftsmanship of psychiatry: forty years after the Italian Law no. 180/1978)
Adriana Grotta, Ruggiero Lamantea, Paola Morra, Casi clinici (Clinical cases)
Eugenia Omodei Zorini, Casi Clinici. Interventi sul caso Anna
Francesca Tombolini, Casi Clinici. Interventi sul caso Anna
Simone Maschietto, Casi Clinici. Interventi sul caso Anna
Antonella Mancini, Recensioni (Book reviews)
Recensioni, Libri dimenticati, Schede
Riviste. Segnalazioni di sommari di riviste italiane e straniere (Journals)
"Seminari Internazionali di Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane". Programma dell’anno 2020

Issue 2/2019 
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Pier Francesco Galli, Editoriale: Decadi (Editorial: Decades)
Morris N. Eagle, Il rapporto tra mondo interno e mondo esterno (The relation between inner and outer worlds)
Daniela De Robertis, Il paziente ha paura dell’analista. Una discussione dal punto di vista della psicoanalisi relazionale (The patient is afraid of the analyst. A discussion from the viewpoint of relational psychoanalysis)
Cesare Romano, Freud, Morelli e la nascita del paradigma indiziario in psicoanalisi (Freud, Morelli and the birth of the clues method in psychoanalysis)
Stefano Benni, Alberto Merini, Luigi Antonello Armando, Marianna Bolko, L’arte di sognare (The art of dreaming)
Alberto Merini, Intervento di Alberto Merini
Luigi Antonello Armando, Intervento di Luigi Antonello Armando
Marianna Bolko, Intervento di Marianna Bolko
Pier Francesco Galli, Alberto Merini, Tracce (Traces)
Alessandro Ancona, Appunti sulla psichiatria: teoria e pratica (Notes on psychiatry: Theory and practice)
Gian Franco Minguzzi, Lettera di dimissioni da Segretario Nazionale di Psichiatria Democratica (Excerpts from the resignation letter from Secretary-General of Psichiatria Democratica)
Mauro Fornaro, Dibattiti (Discussions)
Adriana Grotta, Ruggiero Lamantea, Paola Morra, Casi clinici (Clinical cases)
Secondo Giacobbi, Interventi sul caso Anna
Pierrette Lavanchy, Casi clinici
Recensioni (Book reviews)
Riviste. Segnalazioni di sommari di riviste italiane e straniere (Journals)
"Seminari Internazionali di Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane" Programma dell’anno 2019

Issue 1/2019 
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Pier Francesco Galli, Editoriale. Psichiatria: domande in lista d’attesa (Editorial. Editorial. Psychiatry: Questions in waiting list)
La Legge 180. Le diverse anime del movimento anti-istituzionale: un bilancio (The Italian Law no. 180/1978 on psychiatric reform. The different souls of deinstitutionalization movement in Italy: A reassessment)
Tommaso Biccardi, Massimo Clerici, Antonello D'Elia, Cécile Edelstein, Maria Grazia Giannichedda, Santi Laganà, Pie Luigi Lattuada, Fabio Madeddu, Andrea Salvatore Meluso, Paolo Migone, Stefano Mistura, Leo Nahon, Bruno Orsini, Giuseppe Pozzi, Antonio Restori, Pier Luigi Scapicchio, Tavola rotonda e dibattito (Round table and discussion from the floor)
Cristiano Scandurra, Fabrizio Mezza, Paolo Valerio, Roberto Vitelli, Approcci affermativi e rilevanza del minority stress nel counseling psicologico con persone LGBT: una revisione della letteratura internazionale (Affirmative approaches and relevance of minority stress in psychological counseling with LGBT people: A review of the international literature)
Pier Francesco Galli, Alberto Merini, Tracce. Prigionieri del passato nella clinica del presente
Andrea Angelozzi, Dibattiti. Senza scienza e senza cultura. Riflessioni sulle riforme in salute mentale (Discussions)
Mario Di Fiorino, Il frutto della passione ideologica: la negazione del luogo di cura. Una proposta di modifica della Legge 180 (The result of ideological passion: The negation of a place for treatment. A proposal of modification of the Italian Law no. 180/1978 on psychiatric reform)
Pietro Pellegrini, Il fascino discreto della coercizione (The discreet charm of restraint)
Paolo Romano, La Legge 180 quarant’anni dopo: ricordi e qualche riflessione (The Italian Law no. 180/1978 on psychiatric reform forty years later: Remembrances and some reflections)
Adriana Grotta, Ruggiero Lamantea, Paola Morra, Casi clinici. Interventi sul caso Matteo (Clinical cases)
Federica Melandri, Casi clinici. Interventi sul caso Matteo
Paola Destefani, Casi clinici. Interventi sul caso Matteo
Tiziano Dalfior, Casi clinici. Intervento sul caso Matteo
Elisabetta Arfini, Casi clinici. Intervento sul caso Matteo
Antonella Mancini, Recensione-saggio. The Strange Order of Things. New York: Pantheon, 2018, pp. 310, $ 28.95 (trad. it.: Lo strano ordine delle cose. Trad. di Silvio Ferraresi. Milano: Adelphi, 2018, pp. 352, € 29,00)
Luigi Antonello Armando, Jutta Beltz, Luisella Canepa, Andrea Castiello d’Antonio, Silvano Massa, Paolo Migone, Pietro Pascarelli, Riviste / "Seminari Internazionali di Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane" Programma dell’anno 2019 (Journals)

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