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Economia agro-alimentare/Food Economy is a triannual peer-reviewed scientific journal published by FrancoAngeli Edizioni on behalf of the Italian Society of Agri-food Economics (SIEA), founded in 1996 by the then President of SIEA Fausto Cantarelli. It offers an international forum for the discussion and analysis of mono and interdisciplinary socioeconomic, political, legal and technical issues, related to agricultural and food systems. It welcomes submissions of original papers focusing on agriculture, agribusiness, food, safety, nutrition and health, including all processes and infrastructure involved in providing food to populations; as well as the processes, inputs and outputs involved in consumption and disposal of food and food-related items. Analyses also include social, political, economic and environmental contexts and human resource challenges. Submissions should be addressed to an international audience of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, and they may consider local, national, and global scale. The decision to publish the article, at the end of the process of evaluation and review, is the prerogative and responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief. The articles published are under the total responsibility of Authors

Editor-in-Chief: Maurizio Canavari, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Editorial Board: Sedef Akgüngör, Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, Turkey Valeria Borsellino, Università degli Studi di Palermo Alessio Cavicchi, Università degli Studi di Macerata Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, University of Hawaii, USA Alessio Ishizaka, NEOMA Business School, France Simona Naspetti, Università Politecnica delle Marche Søren Marcus Pedersen, Københavns Universitet, Denmark Stefanella Stranieri, Università degli Studi di Milano
Scientific Advisory Board: Azzurra Annunziata (Università Parthenope di Napoli, Italy), Dominique Barjolle (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland), Paweł Bryła (Uniwersytet Łódzki, Poland), Luca Cacciolatti (University of Westminster, UK), Nicola Cantore (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International), Laura Carraresi (Nofima, Norway), Alessandra Castellini (Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna, Italy), Susan Cholette (San Francisco State University, USA), Marco Costanigro (Colorado State University, USA), Paolo Crosetto (Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’alimentation et l’Environnement, France), Annalisa De Boni (Università degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro", Italy), Anna Irene De Luca (Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy), Hans De Steur (Universiteit Gent, Belgium), Rosires Deliza (Embrapa, Brasil), Stella Despoudi (Aston University, UK), Giuseppe Di Vita (Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy), Andreas Drichoutis (Geoponiko Panepistimio Athinon, Greece), Mariantonietta Fiore (Università degli Studi di Foggia, Italy), Zhifeng Gao (University of Florida, USA), Carlo Giannetto (Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy), Elisabetta Gotor (Bioversity International, International), Rainer Haas (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria), Jon Henrich Hanf (Hochschule Geisenheim, Germany), Martin K. Hingley (University of Lincoln, UK), Stefan Hirsch (Universität Hohenheim, Germany), Wuyang Hu (Ohio State University, USA), Carmen Hubbard (Newcastle University, UK), Drini Imami (Universiteti Bujqësor i Tiranës, Albania), Attila Jámbor (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Hungary), Song Soo Lim (Korea University, Republic of Korea), Catherine Macombe (Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’alimentation et l’Environnement, France), Livia Madureira (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal), Nadhem Mtimet (International Livestock Research Institute, International), Rodolfo M. Nayga (Texas A&M University, USA), Fabio Parasecoli (New York University, USA), Raffaella Pergamo (Consiglio per la Ricerca e l'Economia in Agricoltura, Italy), Jens Rommel (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Sweden), Carlo Russo (Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Italy), Anna Saba (Consiglio per la Ricerca e l'Economia in Agricoltura, Italy), Johannes Sauer (Technische Universität München, Germany), Riccardo Scarpa (Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy), John Stanton (Saint Joseph’s University Philadelphia, USA), Ramona Teuber (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany), Samuele Trestini (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy), Elena Viganò (Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy), George Vlontzos (Panepistimio Thessalias, Greece), Tomislav Vukina (North Carolina State University, USA), Valdemar João Wesz Júnior (Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana, Brasil)
Editorial Secretariat: Alessandro Palmieri, Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari - Area Economia agraria ed Estimo, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Segreteria di redazione / Editorial secretariat: Alessandro Palmieri - Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari - Area Economia agraria ed Estimo, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna - viale Giuseppe Fanin, 50 - 40127 Bologna (BO), Italy - Tel. +39 0512096126; e-mail: -

The writings submitted for publication in the section "Articles" are subject to a revision procedure which complies with the standards in use for scientific publications at international level and which are accepted by major citation databases. The Director assigns the job to one member of the Editorial Board, who then takes responsibility and, with the Director, makes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript’s potential for publication. The work passed through for assessment is sent anonymously to two scientific reviewers with recognized expertise in the topic, selected by the Editorial Board, and they will express their overall assessment and an analytical opinion, both of which will be communicated to the author confidentially, to be revealed only to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The author will also receive suggestions as to the piece’s suitability for publication in line with one of the following four designations: a) acceptable for publication in its current version. b) acceptable with minor revisions. c) potentially acceptable after substantial revision. d) not acceptable for publication in the journal. The editorial board’s decision regarding the manuscript’s suitability for publication is sent to the author along with the comments of the reviewers.

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Issue 3/2021 Current use and new perspectives for the Farm Accountancy Data Network
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Lucia Briamonte, Luca Cesaro, Alfonso Scardera, Guest Editorial. Current use and new perspectives for the Farm Accountancy Data Network
Regular Articles
Alessandra Vaccaro, Ida Agosta, Alessandro Montelelone, Antonio Giampaolo, Dario Macaluso, The use of FADN methodology to support the evaluation of business development plans in the RDP Sicily 2014-2020
Regular Articles
Roberto Cagliero, Andrea Arzeni, Federica Cisilino, Alessandro Montelelone, Patrizia Borsotto, Ten years after: Diffusion, criticism and potential improvements in the use of FADN for Rural Development assessment in Italy
Regular Articles
Luca Turchetti, Nadia Gastaldin, Sonia Marongiu, Enhancing the Italian FADN for sustainability assessment: The state of art and perspectives
Regular Articles
Nicola Galluzzo, Estimation of the impact of CAP subsidies as environmental variables on Romanian farms
Regular Articles
Guido M. Bazzani, Roberta Spadoni, Generating cropping schemes from FADN data at the farm and territorial scale
Regular Articles
Federica Cisilino, Greta Zilli, Gabriele Zanuttig, FADN data to support policymaking: The potential of an additional survey
Regular Articles
Patrizia Borsotto, Francesca Moino, Silvia Novelli, Modeling change in the ratio of water irrigation costs to farm incomes under various scenarios with integrated FADN and administrative data
Regular Articles
Concetta Cardillo, Giuliano Vitali, Mapping data granularity: The case of FADN
Regular Articles
Sonia Marongiu, Barbara Bimbati, Mauro Santamgelo, Use and users of FADN data in Italy
Regular Articles
Rebecca Buttinelli, Raffaele Cortignani, Gabriele Dono, Financial sustainability in Italian Organic Farms: An analysis of the FADN Sample
Regular Articles
Claudio Liberati, Concetta Cardillo, Antonella Di Fonzo, Sustainability and competitiveness in farms: An evidence of Lazio region agriculture through FADN data analysis
Regular Articles
Veronica Manganiello, Alessandro Banterle, Gabriele Canali, Geremia Gios, Giacomo Branca, Sofia Galeotti, Fabrizio De Filippis, Raffaella Zucaro, Economic characterization of irrigated and livestock farms in The Po River Basin District
Regular Articles
Maria Assunta D’Oronzio, Carmela De Vivo, Organic and conventional farms in the Basilicata region: A comparison of structural and economic variables using FADN data
Regular Articles
Felicetta Carillo, Francesco Licciardo, Eugenio Corazza, Investments financing at farm level: A regional assessment using FADN data
Regular Articles
Benedikt Kramer, Anke Schorr, Reiner Doluschitz, Markus Lips, The Role of Neighborhood Effects on Investing Dairy Farms
Regular Articles
Myriam Ruberto, Alessandro Catini, Mara Lai, Veronica Manganiello, The impact of irrigation on agricultural productivity: The case of FADN farms in Veneto
Editorial Staff, Referee 2021

Issue 2/2021 
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Maurizio Canavari, Sedef Akgüngör, Valeria Borsellino, Alessio Cavicchi, Catherine Chan, Alessio Ishizaka, Simona Naspetti, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Stefanella Stranieri, Maro Vlachopoulou, Editorial
Oluwakemi Adeola Obayelu, Emem Ime Akpan, Ayodeji O. Ojo, Prevalence and correlates of food insecurity in rural Nigeria: A panel analysis
Biagia De Devitiis, Rosaria Viscecchia, Valentina Carfora, Carla Cavallo, Gianni Cicia, Teresa Del Giudice, Concetta Menna, Gianluca Nardone, Antonio Seccia, Parents’ trust in food safety and healthiness of children’s diets: A TPB model explaining the role of retailers and government
Elena Kokthi, Irina Canco, Eneida Topulli, Whose salad is organic? An attribute segmentation perspective-evidence from Albania
Muhammad Yasir Yusuf, Rahmat Fadhil, T. Saiful Bahri, Hafiizh Maulana, Comparison study of agricultural insurance government subsidy and farmers’ self-subsistent premium in Indonesia
Maria Assunta D’Oronzio, Carmela Sica, Innovation in Basilicata agriculture: From tradition to digital
Francesco Zecca, Marco D'Errico, Food security and land use: The Ethiopian case
Sheraz Alam Malik, Martin K. Hingley, Consumer demand information as a re-balancing tool for power asymmetry between food retailers and suppliers

Issue 1/2021 
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Maurizio Canavari, Sedef Akgüngör, Valeria Borsellino, Alessio Cavicchi, Catherine Chan, Alessio Ishizaka, Simona Naspetti, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Stefanella Stranieri, Maro Vlachopoulou, Editorial
Isabella Procidano, Christine Mauracher, Marco Valentini, Consumers’ perception of Prosecco wine packaging: A pilot study in Padua and Milan
Silvia Andrés González-Moralejo, Mildrey García Cortés, Juan Francisco López Miquel, Are small and medium-size food industry firms profitable? Explaining differences in their performance: The case of the Valencia Region
Biancamaria Torquati, Lucio Cecchini, Chiara Paffarini, Massimo Chiorri, The economic and environmental sustainability of extra virgin olive oil supply chains: An analysis based on food miles and value chains
Mikael Oliveira Linder, Katia Laura Sidali, Gesa Busch, Mountain beef and wine: Italian consumers’ definitions and opinions on the mountain labelling-scheme
Catherine Macombe, Is an alternative to private property durable in agriculture?
Fabio Gaetano Santeramo, Dragan Miljkovic, Emilia Lamonaca, Agri-food trade and climate change

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