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The writings submitted for publication in the section "Articles" are subject to a revision procedure which complies with the standards in use for scientific publications at international level and which are accepted by major citation databases. The Director assigns the job to one member of the Editorial Board, who then takes responsibility and, with the Director, makes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript’s potential for publication. The work passed through for assessment is sent anonymously to two scientific reviewers with recognized expertise in the topic, selected by the Editorial Board, and they will express their overall assessment and an analytical opinion, both of which will be communicated to the author confidentially, to be revealed only to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The author will also receive suggestions as to the piece’s suitability for publication in line with one of the following four designations: a) acceptable for publication in its current version. b) acceptable with minor revisions. c) potentially acceptable after substantial revision. d) not acceptable for publication in the journal. The editorial board’s decision regarding the manuscript’s suitability for publication is sent to the author along with the comments of the reviewers

The circulation of the journal is intended to enhance the impact in the academic community, the world of applied research, professional associations and representative institutions.

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Issue 3/2019 
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Comitato di Redazione, Editorial
Elena Viganò, Federico Gori, Antonella Amicucci, Enhancement of food production quality: the truffle case
Oluwakemi Adeola Obayelu, Olusayo Olubisi Idowu, Dietary diversity status of rural households in Nigeria: A gendered perspective
Marco Medici, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Giacomo Carli, Maria Rita Tagliaventi, Environmental Benefits of Precision Agriculture Adoption
Katarzyna Monika Lukiewska, Malgorzata Grazyna Juchniewicz, Factors of International Competitiveness of EU Member States’ Food Industries
Justyna Agnieszka Franc-Dabrowskaa, Crawling financialization in Central and Eastern Europe using the example of Agriculture
Krzysztof Firleja, Sebastian Kubala, Determinants of variation of potato prices in the European Union
Ryszard Kata, Magdalena Cyrek, Piotr Cyrek, Changes in the level and structure of food expenses in the European Union in the context of increasing household incomes
Monika Gebska, Barbara Golebiewska, Carmen Hubbard, Polish farmer and consumer preference for product produced within standards respected animal welfare
Grzegorz Slusarza, Marek Cierpial-Wolan, Development of entrepreneurship in valuable natural rural areas
Jaroslaw Golebiewski, Josu Takala, Oskar Juszczyk, Nina Drejerska, Local contribution to circular economy. A case study of a Polish rural municipality
Ludwik Wicki, Hanna Dudek, Factors influencing cereals yield in Polish agriculture
Nino Chkhartishvili, Londa Mamasakhlisashvili, Irma Tchanturia, Demetre Bakradze, The rare, Georgian wine grape in modern enology
Nino Adamashvili, Filomena Chiara, Mariantonietta Fiore, Food Loss and Waste, a global responsibility?!
Irakli Shalamberidze, Merab Akhobadze, Web platform for "Smart City" data collection and analytics
Valentina Chkoniya, Ana Oliveira Madsen, Teresa Coelho, The impact of information and communication technologies in fish consumption in Portugal: building a support for the coming generations

Issue 2/2019 
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Maurizio Canavari, Sedef Akgungor, Valeria Borsellino, Christine Mauracher, Simona Naspetti, John L. Stanton, Stefanella Stranieri, Editorial
Luigi Mastronardi, Vincenzo Giaccio, Luca Romagnoli, Community-Based Cooperatives as an innovative partnership to contrast inner areas decline
Antonio Tulone, Antonino Galatia, Salvatore Lupo, Salvatore Tinervia, Maria Crescimanno, What are the effects of sea warming on the fishing industry?
Stefano Ciliberti, Gaetano Martino, Angelo Frascarelli, Gabriele Chiodini, Contractual arrangements in the Italian durum wheat supply chain: The impacts of the "Fondo grano duro"
Alessandro Banterle, Daniela Vandone, Price volatility and risk management: The case of rice in the EU
Corrado Ievoli, Angelo Belliggiano, Danilo Marandola, Giuseppe Pistacchio, Luca Romagnoli, Network Contracts in the Italian agri-food industry: Determinants and spatial patterns
Lucia Briamonte, Roberto Henke, Alessandro Monteleone, Guest Editorial - Network and networks: The contribution to agri-food and rural areas
Gaetano Martino, Daniela Toccaceli, Alessandro Pacciani, Michela Ascani, The Interbranch organizations in the cap reform: Institutional nature, opportunities and limits
Lorenzo Compagnucci, Alessio Cavicchi, Francesca Spigarelli, The network contract in the agrifood industry: An exploratory study on collaborative drivers in central Italy
Jon H. Hanf, Silva Atoyan, Linda Bitsch, Taras Gagalyuk, Supply chain networks in the Armenian agribusiness: Setting a benchmark
Giampiero Mazzocchi, Davide Marino, Does Food Public Procurement boost Food Democracy? Theories and evidences from some case studies
Rosanna Salvia, Giovanni Quaranta, Multi-Actor Platform as a tool to enhance networking of sustainable socio-ecological food systems
Alberto Sturla , Elena Viganò, Laura Viganò, The Organic Districts in Italy. An Interpretative Hypothesis in the Light of the Common Pool Resources Theory
Federica Cisilino, Francesco Vanni, Agri-environmental collaborative projects: Challenges and perspectives in Italy
Patrizia Borsotto, Marco Gaito , Antonio Papaleo, Carmela De Vivo, An exploratory study on the construction of networks in social farming
Sabrina Giuca, Simonetta De Leo, A social network linking rural and peri-urban agricultural production to the city of Rome: A case study
Daniele Branchini, The National Contact Points for the oecd Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: A global "network" for a responsible agri-food supply chain
Francesco Casadei, Per una storia degli studi di marketing in Italia: note e appunti tra editoria e università

Issue 1/2019 
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Maurizio Canavari, Sedef Akgüngör, Valeria Borsellino, Christine Mauracher, Simona Naspetti, John L. Stanton, Stefanella Stranieri, Editorial
Gioacchino Pappalardo, Giuseppe Di Vita, Giovanni La Via, Severino Romano, Antonella Vastola, Mario Cozzi, Mario D’Amico, Exploring gender differences in the Italian traditional pizza consumption
Vilma Xhakollari, Maurizio Canavari, Celiac and non-celiac consumers’ experiences when purchasing gluten-free products in Italy
Jirí Zelený, Kristína Bednárová, Reverse Osmosis Water-Based Beverages as a Product Innovation in Gastronomic Facilities: Expert Panelists’ Sensory Evaluation and Generation Y Consumers’ Attitudes
Kaisa Silja Sofia Sandell, Olfactory cues and consumers’ purchase behavior in food products: A category management approach
Rodrigo García Arancibia, Import Demand for Dairy Products in Chile and Competition among Exporting Countries: The Case of Milk Powder and Cheese
Ellen Fitzpatrick, Sedef Akgüngör, Evaluating the Asset Transfer Model in Facilitating Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Malawi
Massimiliano Borrello, Gianni Cicia, Luigi Cembalo, Thinking outside the box and beyond the slaughterhouse

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