Dynamic Analysis of Complex System

Vittorio D'Amato

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Dynamic Analysis of Complex System

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ISBN: 9788820463823

Edizione: 1a edizione 1991

Codice editore: 1340.55

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The book contains a collection of papers presented at the 1990 European Conference of System Dynamics of broad interest for system dynamics and for general system theory and practice in the areas of business applications, project management, new frontiers, biology-medicine, economic and social sciences. It presents the state of the art in systems research and computer simulation for the analysis and understanding of the structure and the behaviour of complex systems. The contributions underline the need for a ((New way of thinking)) and a () to use the potential of causa-effect and simulation models to deal effectively with the complexity of our systems.

F. Brambilla, N. Dioguardi
Business applications
R. G. Coyle
System dynamics, the next decade
P. Milling
Business systems as control systems
A. Martelli
Scenari e analisi dinamica dei sistemi
V. D'Amato, R. Borgia
System dynamics: concepts, approaches and possible role for management
K. Roberts
The PIMS paradigm for a company strategic management system
F. Fabi
Un'applicazione dell'analisi dinamica dei sistemi alla strategia di un gruppo di imprese dettaglianti
K.A. Abbas
A system dynamics road provision model
J. Macedo
System dynamics support methods: the state of the art
E.M. Lazzarato
Dal modello dinamico al business game: un esempio cornpleto
Economics, social science and environment factors
G. Varchetta
Teoria dei sistemi paradigma della complessita e attore organizzato
G. Gnudi, C. Lamberti
Modello matematico per la previsione della domanda di tecnologia sanitaria
P.P. Puliafito, C. Federici, P. Russo
Blood bank management: a system dynamics simulation model
E. Steuer
Quality circles as a transition tool towards a participation oriented organization
M. Perucca
Jahweh - Israel: a system dynamic analysis
Project management
J. Weglarz
Project scheduling under dynamic activity models
V. Albino, S. Cavallone, G. Mummolo
Improvements in the knowledge of planning and control processes of a project by Pert-state technique
F. Pettinato, G. Pignanelli
System dynamics and project cost control
Biology and medicine
N. Dioguardi
Liver system IV. More on the liver micro-unit: physics and geometry of its action
F.E. Yates
Self-organization of order: perspectives on complexity
P. Mussio
State-space approach to system representation as a language for the medical universe: the liver case
C.E. Finch
Ovarian and genotypic influences on female reproductive senescence in mice: a model for aging in complex physiological systems
M. Pietrogrande, B. Sagramoso, P. Bottoni, P. Mussio,
N. Dioguardi
Utilization of systemic models for the study of phatogenesis, clinical picture and therapy of diseases. Case study: cryoglobulinemia
M. Ursino
Dynamical instability in a model of intracranial pressure changes
A. Cefalo, M. Pietrogrande, M.T. Randetti, G. Schiavo, S. Manoukian, P. Mussio, N. Dioguardi
Simulation of hepatic lipidic metabolism in normal and pathological conditions
M. Ursino, G. Avanzolini, P. Barbini, C. Fruschelli.
A qualitative simulation of the cardiovascular system: preliminary results
G. Avanzolini, A. Cappello, G. Gnudi, E. Vernocchi
Computer-aided modelling of biological systems: arterial bed characterization from aortic pressure and flow signals
New frontiers
E. Wolstenholme
Optimization of system dynamics models
J. Aracil
Qualitative analysis and bifurcations in system dynamics models
F. Brambilla, M. Cartoceti, E. Del Ninno
Analisi topologica di informazioni cliniche sulla funzionalita epatica
S. Beghelli, R.P. Guidorzi, U. Soverini
Un approccio generale per la determinazione di relazioni lineari da dati affetti da rumore
R.R. Usano
Suboptimization and system dynamics in a production planning system: a mixed approach
R. Quartiero, S. Maggioni
Management laboratory
G. Guariso
Un programma didattico per la simulazione e I'ottimizzazione dei sistemi dinamici
M.M. Tayeb
A curved rib stiffener for use in structural dynamics modifications
D. Salimbeni, S. Sanna, E. Usai
A general formulation of the extremality conditions for unconstrained state variable optimal-control problems, particularly suited for computer implementation
C. K. Krishnadas
Probability: evolution and philosophy
P. Antunes, A. Camara
Hyperdynamics: an intelligent simulation/decision support front end

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