Environment and Energy.

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Environment and Energy.

First issue

The first issue of Environment and Energy focuses on: “Environment Management and Territorial Sustainability” ; “Energy Methods and Tools”; “Industrial Ecology and Environmental Tools”.

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Edition: 1a edizione 2012

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ISBN: 9788856859249

Edizione:1a edizione 2012

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The first issue of Environment and Energy presents a introduction written by two guest Professors, Maria Claudia Lucchetti and Gerhard Vogel, representing the Commodity Science sector in the Italian and international contest.
The book is divided in three sections differently focused. First section, "Environment Management and territorial sustainability", presents five works investigating the relations between territory with its resources, firms and police-makers, with a particular attention to the environmental assessment tools and eco-governance development methods. Second section is "Energy Methods and Tools"; it concerns relevant aspects related to energy sustainability. In four papers are analyzed solar energy technology, nuclear power energy, bio-energy district and the state of the art about energy certification of buildings. Third and last section is focused on "Industrial Ecology and Environmental tools". This represents a significative research experiences collection about social network analysis, plase-based approach and principles of industrial ecology, with a further contribute on LCA method improvement presented by Prof. Reinout Heijungs, one of the principal international expert about LCA method and application. This book collects researches of several Commodity Science Italian Academy, in particular Torino, Pescara, Molise, Salerno, Messina and Roma 3.

Giuseppe Ioppolo , editor of this first issue, is currently a researcher of commodity science at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Messina (Italy), where he also teaches Technology and quality. He received his Ph.D. and Post Doc in Technology and Economics of Processes and Products for Environmental Safety. His research interests focus on decision support systems for resource management and environmental management. He is author of several papers in international journal and he is editor of a FrancoAngeli book on Integrated Zone Coastal Management.

Santi Trovato, Preface
Introductive articles for 1st issue
Maria Claudia Lucchetti, Environment and Energy: a new AISME editorial series
Gerhard Vogel, The relationship between technology, innovation and environmental management. Ways to a sustainable consumption behaviour and a sustainable economy
Section 1. Environment management and territorial sustainability
Rodica Pamfilie , Bogdan Onete , Mihai Draghici , Andreea J. Petcu ( Draghici ), Conceptual framework regarding CSR activities related to environmental issues. A case study - service organizations
Riccardo Beltramo , Stefano Duglio , Camilla Botto Poala, Characterization of Mountain Huts and proposed method of assessment of environmental impact
Giuseppe Cannistraro , Mauro Cannistraro , Roberta Restivo, The "Smart City", a new model of contemporary city: a case study of a sustainable neighborhood
Giuseppe Ioppolo, Environmental governance for sustainable territory management
Maria Proto , Stefania Supino , Ornella Malandrino, The key role of cement industry in fostering sustainability
Section 2. Energy methods and tools
Fulvio Ardente , Maurizio Cellura , Sonia Longo , Marina Mistretta, Methodological insights on Life Cycle Assessment of solar energy technologies
Fausto Cavallaro, Nuclear power energy: competitiveness and industrial cost
Salvatore Chiricosta , Giuseppe Saija , Simona Saccà, Development of a plan for the integration of Sicilian agrifood firms according to a bio-energy district logic. Evaluation of possible applications in the Messina area
Vincenzo Lattanzi, The Performance and Energy Certification of Buildings. State of the Art and Issues of Implementation in Italy in the Light of European Directives 2002/91/EC and 2010/31/EU
Section 3. Industrial ecology and environmental tools
Reinout Heijungs, Spatial differentiation, GIS-based regionalization, hyperregionalization, and the boundaries of LCA
Alberto Simboli
, Raffaella Taddeo , Anna Morgante, Place-based approaches to Industrial Ecology. Considerations about the application in long-standing industrial clusters
Mariangela Romano , Fausto Di Vincenzo , Andrea Raggi, Applying Social Network Analysis to Industrial Symbiosis: A Literature Review
Roberta Salomone, The application of Industrial Ecology principles to local systems of production: the case of Agro-Eco-Industrial Parks.

Contributors: Fulvio Ardente, Riccardo Beltramo, Camilla Botto Poala, Giuseppe Cannistraro, Mauro Cannistraro, Fausto Cavallaro, Maurizio Cellura, Salvatore Chiricosta, Fausto Di Vincenzo, Mihai Draghici, Stefano Duglio, Reinout Heijungs, Vincenzo Lattanzi, Sonia Longo, Maria Claudia Lucchetti, Ornella Malandrino, Marina Mistretta, Anna Morgante, Bogdan Onete, Rodica Pamfilie, Andreea J. Pectu, Maria Proto, Andrea Raggi, Roberta Restivo, Mariangela Romano, Simona Saccà, Giuseppe Saija, Roberta Salomone, Alberto Simboli, Stefania Supino, Raffaele Taddeo, Santi Trovato, Gerald Vogel

Serie: Economia - Ricerche

Subjects: Environmental and Transportation Economics

Level: Scholarly Research

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