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Forum is the official journal of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP), a worldwide network of professionals involved in the development of group psychotherapy in the areas of theory, clinical practice, training, research and consultancy, and founded by Moreno and other group psychotherapy pioneers in 1973. It offers a possibility for cross-fertilisation and development, giving the opportunity to discard cultural and academic imperialism and allow the many influences and areas of knowledge to spread. It publishes contributions from different countries, cultures and group applications, and includes reports of budding developments in eastern Europe as well as descriptions of new and original applications of psychodrama and group analysis.

For info: Mail: IAGP, Postfach, CH-8126, Zumikon, Switzerland. Voicemail: +41 71 688 5650 (Switzerland); fax +41 71 688 5651 (Switzerland); e-mail:; sito web:

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Issue 4/2010 
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Jorge Burmeister, Message from President Jorge Burmeister
Lars Tauvon, Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, Editorial Introduction /Introducción Editorial
Lord John Alderdice, Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism as Large Group Phenomena/ Fundamentalismo, Radicalización y Terrorismo como Fenómenos de Grupos Grandes
Anna Ornstein, The Function of Groups at Times of War and Terror / La Función de los Grupos en Tiempos de Guerra y Terror
Giuseppe Fiorentini, Giovanni Foresti, No Retreat, No Surrender: The Temporal Dimension of Psychic and Social Conflicts / Ni Retirarse Ni Rendirse: La Dimensión Temporal de los Conflictos Psíquicos y Sociales
Pedro Demo, Political Poverty
Pedro Demo, Pobreza Política
Kaoru Nishimura, Unresolved Trauma and Japanese Identity after the Second World War / Trauma No Resuelto e Identidad Japonesa Tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Sabar Rustomjee, Working Between Eastern and Western Cultures / Trabajando Entre la Cultura Oriental y Occidental
Mary Spreng-Courtney, Inger Larsson, A Transcultural Workshop in Prague / Taller Transcultural en Praga
Psychodrama and Psychiatry / Psicodrama y Psiquiatría
Manuela Maciel, Transgenerational Psychotherapy Using Psychodrama / Psicoterapia Transgeracional Usando Psicodrama
Luis Russo, Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, Pequenos Grupos em Sao Paulo: Um Choque Cultural? - Segunda Parte (Small Groups at IAGP: A Cultural Clash? - Part 2)
Dick Blackwell, A Response to a ‘Culture of Violence’ on the Outskirts of Sao Paulo, by Pablo de Carvalho Godoy Castanho / Respuesta a una ‘Cultura de Violencia’ en las Afueras de Sao Paulo, por Pablo de Carvalho Godoy Castanho
Pablo de Carvalho Godoy Castanho, The Complex Relationship Between Politics and the Psyche: A Response to Dick Blackwell / La Compleja Relación Entre Política y la Psique: Respuesta a Dick Blackwell

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