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The writings submitted for publication in the section "Articles" are subject to a revision procedure which complies with the standards in use for scientific publications at international level and which are accepted by major citation databases. The Director assigns the job to one member of the Editorial Board, who then takes responsibility and, with the Director, makes a preliminary assessment of the manuscript’s potential for publication. The work passed through for assessment is sent anonymously to two scientific reviewers with recognized expertise in the topic, selected by the Editorial Board, and they will express their overall assessment and an analytical opinion, both of which will be communicated to the author confidentially, to be revealed only to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The author will also receive suggestions as to the piece’s suitability for publication in line with one of the following four designations: a) acceptable for publication in its current version. b) acceptable with minor revisions. c) potentially acceptable after substantial revision. d) not acceptable for publication in the journal. The editorial board’s decision regarding the manuscript’s suitability for publication is sent to the author along with the comments of the reviewers

The circulation of the journal is intended to enhance the impact in the academic community, the world of applied research, professional associations and representative institutions.

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Issue 3/2015 
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Drini Imami, Engjell Skreli, Edvin Zhllima, Alban Cela, Olta Sokoli, Consumer preferences for typical local products in Albania
Tuba Pekkirbizli, Mohamad Isam Almadani, Ludwig Theuvsen, Food safety and quality assurance systems in Turkish agribusiness: an empirical analysis of determinants of adoption
Karen L. Orengo-Serra, Niche strategy and international growth: Comparing Puerto Rico and Corsica SMEs in the Specialty food industry
Francesco Casadei, Da Vendere, vendere, vendere alle Lezioni di pubblicità: idee, attività e scritti dell’imprenditore Arturo Gazzoni tra il 1928 e il 1943

Issue 2/2015 
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Tonino Pencarelli, Fabio Forlani, Mauro Dini, Il marketing dei prodotti tipici locali nella prospettiva esperienziale. Il caso del tartufo (The marketing of local products in the experiential perspective. The case of a truffle company)
Silvio Franco, Clara Cicatiello, Emanuele Blasi, Barbara Pancino, Le filiere corte auto-organizzate dai consumatori: il modello dei Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale (Consumers’ self-organized short food chains: Solidarity Purchase Groups model)
Anna Paola Antonazzo, Mariantonietta Fiore, Piermichele La Sala, Francesco Contò, Assessing perceptions of wine tourists on organic wine
Giovanna Sacchi, L’evoluzione dei Participatory Guarantee Systems per l’agricoltura biologica: esperienze mondiali a confronto (The development of Participatory Guarantee Systems for organic agriculture: Comparison of experiences worldwide)

Issue 1/2015 
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Gervasio Antonelli, Maurizio Canavari, Annalisa De Boni, Concetta Nazzaro, Editoriale
Germana Manca, Modeling European agri-environmental measure of spatial impact in the region of Sardinia, Italy, through fuzzy clustering means
Simonetta Mazzarino, Alessandro Corsi, I flussi dell’uva verso la vinificazione: un’analisi comparata per regioni e macroaree (The supply flow of grapes to wine-making: a comparative analysis by regions and macro-areas)
Elena Viganò, Gervasio Antonelli, Gian Italo Bischi, Fabio Tramontana, Consumo e consumatori di prodotti alimentari nella società postmoderna (Consumption and consumers of food products in the postmodern society)
Claudio Bellia, G. Fabiola Safonte, Prodotti agroalimentari e segni distintivi di qualità. Dimensione economica dei prodotti contrassegnati da marchi dop/igp in forza delle normative comunitarie e strategie di valorizzazione (Agri-food products and branding which distinguishes quality. Economic dimension of branded products such as pdo/pgi under EU legislation and value-enhancement strategies)
Tiziana de Magistris, Wilma Xhakollari, Naomi Munoz, The effect of sensory properties on non-celiac consumers’ willingness to pay for a gluten-free snack
Liu Weizhong, Sun Yufang, Barbara Mila Novak, Possible mechanisms of facilitating Bositenghu Lake wetland Sustainable Development

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